Tuesday, December 13, 2011


One of my favorite card games to play is BlackJack. There is nothing like a fun night with friends and family playing card games and I always seem to fall back on my favorite. It's a game of luck, but also one of strategy.

It's also one of the easiest to learn, and being the competitive person that I am I want to learn better techniques at kicking some Black Jack butt. Until recently I didn't know there was a website dedicated to teaching people just that. www.MegaPlay.com teaches the basics of the game and also some strategy tips. We all know that in Black Jack you need to know one number, 21 and it means everything. You must know when to play and when to stay. It's also crucial to know Black Jack lingo which you will learn as well. Knowing how to play your cards when you go to a casino or are playing a friendly game with your friends can mean everything if your competitive.

MegaPlay.com is one of the largest online poker sites and offers many different games. This site also offers a list of sites that you can play online, from pay to play sites to play for free sites. I love to play on the free sites to prepare myself for those nights of fun with the family. Be sure to also check out their current promotions!

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