Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Look At Me...

And it's all because of Ian at The Daily Dose of Reality that I am so cool and got my bathroom pictures put on this awesome blog. You can not only see my pictures at Better After but you can also do like me and get inspired by other peoples work. I love this site! I am so addicted to looking at what other people have done and getting new ideas. So thanks rock it! 

So it's been a busy busy time for me. I've been craving blogging, like I crave chocolate. Between being sick, and busy w/ the kids this past weekend, and then hubby time on Monday & Tuesday I haven't had time to get on and comment. I read when I'm at work, once I get done w/ all the reports. I just can't comment though. When I try to comment on blogs it opens a ton of blank tabs. I have to literally cut the power to the computer to get it to stop. I blame it on IE. Sure wish I could put FF on there...then I'd be happy!

Just so ya know, I'm feeling much better these days...ok well this pollen in the air is killing me, but my lungs are doing much better. I went for a little shopping therapy today, it felt so good, but man the guilt I have afterward is horrible.

Ok today is not just a bunch of what maybe it is...I don't care! I do have a funny story to share with you!

I am a receptionist at a Cadillac dealership, and I talk to all kinds of crazy people. I never honestly thought people were so STUPID! Here is my most recent hilarious (almost couldn't hold my laughter back) conversation:

Me: answer the phone as I always do...I obviously can't tell you the name of the dealership because I know all of you would come stalk me!

Lady: Are you guys income based?

Me: Ma'am you've reached a Cadillac dealership.

Lady: I know who I've called!

Me: Well I guess yes, you do have to have enough income to purchase a Cadillac.

Lady: Are you getting smart w/ me??

Me: Please hold! **Insert hysterical laughing here**

I let her sit on hold until she hung up...I couldn't get back on the line and not laugh. Uhm...yes lady we are income based and as Heather asked you can put a Cadillac on layaway! Let me just set that up for you!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I have to give credit...

I have to give credit, where credit is due! If you missed this post then you may not understand, so read it first!

So he didn't go out Saturday which makes me feel like shit. Him not going out w/ the guys is not at all what I was upset about. BUT...he did come home, he did show me more attention, and he did sit down watch a movie w/ me and cuddled w/ me the whole time. 

So what does this mean?? It means for the first time in I don't know how long, he did listen to my feelings. He was upset Friday night, as was I, so we just avoided each other. I sat in anticipation today while he was at work wondering was what going to happen when he got home. He walked in told me he loved me, and then started fixing the sink because it sprung a leak. 

I'm happy again! We still have to get this communication thing down. You'd think after almost 7 years we would, but we don't. This is how it works: Scott wants something: Doesn't say anything and waits and waits for me to read his mind until he finally blows up. I want something: I make small hints, he doesn't pick up on them and then I blow up. Great communication going on there!

I guess for me, it made me happy that he did listen to how I felt, and attempted to change it. That makes me happy! I do love the booger....doesn't mean I don't get pissed at him from time to time.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Some Days...

Some days I feel so lonely! I feel like hubby and I just live together, and this hurts me so much. I don't think (no I know) he just doesn't get it. I say to him "I feel ignored, like you don't want to spend time w/ me" he says "we do everything together." By everything, he means that if and when we go out it's together. But it's silly things that I want, maybe even a little selfish. 

My most recent complaints:
We watched a movie together Sunday, I asked him if he'd move to the corner of the couch so we could snuggle. (a little history lesson here...I can't keep my head turned to the side for long, it KILLS me) So he tells me he's to "tired and wants to sit where he's at." Well fine, I moved over to him, but it still wasn't a cuddle. We used to cuddle all the time, but it's stopped recently. That part kills me.

2 months ago I tell him I want to go bowling, he says we don't have time. Again doesn't have time for me. So today I get a text from him saying he's going bowling after he gets off work tomorrow. WTF? You don't have time to go w/ me but your friends ask and you have the time? I just don't get it, w/ me no time. Now, don't get me wrong, he doesn't go hang out w/ people very often. Never really...except when they go to Talledega, so that is not my complaint. It's that when I ask, he doesn't have time, or some lame ass excuse.

Now he says I'm being dramatic, and maybe I am, but this is really how I feel and I want him to say he understands how I feel, and tell me why it is this way. It's not that I don't want him to go, I want to know why he has time for them and not me. 

Ok I'm done whining for the night!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This Is Me Learning!

Thank-you to Katie at Bring on the Lloyds who has been sharing her camera knowledge w/ me! I have been so jealous of her picture taking skills and couldn't figure out my camera for the life of me. So w/ her knowledge at hand and the beautiful weather today I went out w/ my camera and took some pictures. They aren't perfect and I'm still learning but oh the fun! Oh and some cute ones of my puppies to.

Ok so the cute ones first!


All the cuteness!
It came out kind of bright, I was playing w/ the ISO I think, well with all the number things, but he's still adorable!

A great sign of Spring

I got the background to blur...this is what I love!
I know the flowers are a little blurry to but w/ this ISO, I really need a tripod, I'm so shaky. Maybe later this year.

Focus on the trees w/ the flowers blurry! This is awesomeness also!

And one more

I'm not a professional, but I'm finally learning my camera! Thank you so much Katie!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

No Meds = Mean Mommy & Wife

 I tried to quit smoking yesterday, it lasted about 2 hours. I have no meds, and no nicotine, that is a very lethal combination. Poor family!
I can't take my meds while I'm taking the steroids for the pneuomonia, and man I am hating life. It's so much easier to control my emotions when I have my medication. Yesterday was a very hard day. Not only did I not have my meds, but I attempted to stop smoking. I was miserable! So I smoked, and kept my sanity just a little bit more.
The weather has a lot to do w/ moods. I never really noticed before. I am so doom and gloom today, it's cloudy, rainy and cold outside. I have been at work for 2 hours and I'm ready to go home. Crazy!
I really hate feeling like this. Like there is no fun in me, no happiness, just gloomy. Tomorrow I get to start taking my meds again. I can't wait! I never would've thought I'd be happy to take medicine, but man this feeling depressed/angry/sad/confused/flat all at one time is killing me. Not to mention that I'm hungry ALL the time. I mean ALL the time.

So w/ all that whining out of the way, I can't wait for the sun to shine, for the air to be warm and to sit outside and get some real fresh air and watch my doggies run and play in the yard.
We watched New Moon this weekend. I was really sad I didn't get to see it in theaters. It was great! I watched it twice, once w/ Lexi (who wanted to chit chat the whole way through) and once w/ hubby (who can't sit still or stop playing w/ the TV settings). I almost had to watch it a 3rd time just to see it undisturbed. I swear I have the worst family ever to watch movies w/. None the less I did get to see it and it was fantastic. I can't wait until June when Eclipse will be out in theaters.

I'm also very jealous of all you bloggers who get to go and meet up! Y'all need to come to Nashville darn it. Hubby would not understand me wanting to take off for a weekend to another state. He'd probably fear for my life, but if y'all are here.....

I'm all done whining for today!

Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm Back....

Kind of!

I still feel like crap, and my posts will probably be full of randomness and I warn you of this right away. Since I have this new friend "pneumonia" who wants to hang out w/ me all the time, my Dr gave me meds to deal w/ this new friend. They have me on antibiotics...yay...steroids...I'll be super woman soon...and inhalers, nebulizer all that great stuff. SO, with that being said, I can't take any of my meds to help me deal w/ my other friend "bipolar", and the steroids really screw w/ my emotions. So you see...I can't keep my mind sitting still for very long, my emotions are out of control, and please before you do anything else, pray for my hubby and daughter to make it through these next few weeks w/ me while I am off my meds. God bless them!

So lets start with what happened...sorry if I ramble on to long!

Monday was any other day at work. I was answering phones, getting annoyed w/ the stupid people, and talking w/ my bestie Heather when all of a sudden I was in pain. I mean intense PAIN! I told Heather...OMG I'm in pain, and that was the last she heard from me for a while. I tried to hold it together, I really hate for people to see me cry, but the stinking tears came falling out of my eyes against my will. So I'm sitting there, holding my arm, because my chest and arm were killing me. One of the managers came over and says hey are you alright. Of course I'm alright, just please don't look at me cause I'm crying and I don't want anybody to see. Uh did I mention I am the receptionist so I'm right out there in the middle for all the world to see? So he goes and gets someone, and those two determine that an ambulance must be called. now you wanna call more attention upon me by making the ambulance come?!?! I can't even begin to tell you the humiliation I was feeling right along w/ pain. I knew it wasn't my heart, I just couldn't convince them of that.

So I get to the hospital and we waited, and waited, and waited. Ok so as I said it was arm and chest pain, which I knew wasn't my heart but the Dr didn't. I sat there for 2 hours before I seen a Dr, who came in asked me a few questions, walked out, and came back w/ a nurse who had a pill and a shot of morphine for me. That's it, no exam, no tests, no nothing, just drugs and off ya go. So I went home, still in pain because neither the shot nor the pill did anything for me.

Went to the Dr's on Tuesday, he did an EKG just to be sure, and listened to my lungs. Said I had pneumonia but had to have an xray to be sure. So went in for the xray and confirmed what the Dr had said, then started this journey the last few days w/ my new friend.

I will do my very best to get to blogs today, and comment, I have been reading, I promise, I just haven't commented because well I'm filled w/ randomness and am afraid that my comments may not make sense. So if they don't, please forgive me. Just for the next few weeks atleast.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sorry for the Absence...

Just wanted to leave a quick message and let y'all know I'll be taking a little break from posting until I am better. I have pneumonia in both my lungs and get worn out easily. I'll do my best to get around and read blogs, comment when I can but don't be offended if ya don't see me comment for a while. Being on the computer for just a little while seems to take it's toll on me. Trying to just rest up!
Hope y'all have a great week!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Minute with The Daily Dose of Reality

Monday Minute

Ian at The Daily Dose of Reality is now doing Monday Minute. I find Ian hilarious, I love reading his blog, and live every day to run over there and read. Ok his and a few others. So here's what ya go to Ians blog and play along. After of course you read his answers and piss your self from laughing so hard. No, I didn't piss myself, I am at work after all and I don't think they'd much enjoy that, or me!

So the questions are:
  1. You down with OPP?
  2. How did the cow jump over the moon?
  3. Does the cheese stand alone?
  4. What's the worst that could happen?
  5. Would you give me (sorry Ian had to throw myself in there) or Ian one of your kidneys?
So my answers are:

1. I am always down, if it's fun enough.
2. The cow had the help of an unknown species, yet to be determined if it was anything related to earth.
3. The cheese always stands alone in my house.
4. The worst that could happen, aside from Ian ruling the world....Oh goodness, if blogger ever died on me it may just be the end of the world.
5. Ian I'd give you both my kidneys! I swear your blog is one of the first I go to. I just can't comment until I get home because I only have IE at work and commenting on blogs screws it up bad for me.

Ok now go to Ian's blog, grab the button and play along!


Thursday, March 11, 2010


Lexi's bathroom is finally done! So I got some before and after shots for ya! Don't be scared, I know how bad it was! So here we are before:

The floors started coming up terribly. I hate peal and stick tile thingymajigs! It started w/ one little spot and then fell apart.
So here is the new and improved floors and sink:

Along w/ getting the bathroom done, we are now getting the rest of our drive concreted. So that project turned into getting a patio added on the side of the house. The concrete was laid yesterday.

I can't wait to have walls around that and get me a cute little patio set out there!

Oh and's a sign of Spring!

This one is for Heather...this is a picture I am most proud of:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What A Weekend.....Part II

Part II

Earlier in the week hubby asked me to go with him on Saturday to get my carry a concealed weapon permit. Isn't that sweet, he worries about me! So I agree, not happily, but I know it will make him feel better. In the state of Tennessee you must go through a class to get your permit. So we are scheduled for Saturday.
I was not happy about getting up and going to an 8 hour class on my day off. I didn't want to get up early, I didn't want to be there by 8:15 am, and I didn't want to sit and listen to someone talk for 8 hours about guns. I love being able to protect myself.....behind my hubby!
So we get up we go to the class and we sit. We listen. We watch a really horribly boring movie. Then he tells us we have to take a test. What a TEST?!? You mean I was actually supposed to be paying attention. Uhm...I remember something about barrel, magazine, ammunition...yeah that's all. I look at Sugar Booger about to cry. I mean I listened, really I did, and I paid attention, but it's not my fault my mind kept wandering. I was screwed. Sugar Booger was not going to be happy if he paid $60 for each of us to take this class and I fail. That's really cheap, but he still wouldn't be happy. So I take the test, I pray, and hope that I pass. I did, I only missed 3. Not to bad. Good thing hubby has educated me over the years. So we take the test, it's only 1:00 pm, and yay we are done and get to go home. NOPE! I have a migraine now, I feel terrible, my head was killing me. And now they tell us we have to go through a shooting test, and we have to pass that as well. I freak, it's been 2 years or so since I've shot a gun. What am I to do? Hubby says what happens if someone doesn't pass the shooting test? He tells us if ya don't pass, ya have to do it all over....class and all! No pressure, none at all. So ok, I have a migraine and you want me to shoot a gun and pass a test. Someone kill me now! The shooting range is inside, they give you a number. They test 5 people at a time. Just so happens there were 47 people in our class and we got numbers 41 and 42. So we are sitting in the lounge area, some what watching those before us shoot and my head was killing me. After about 30 min of all the shooting, my head starts pulsating, and I started losing my peripheral vision. I took a second Lortab (had taken one about two hours before) and I think, how in the hell am I gonna shoot a gun, not only w/ a terrible migraine, but w/ Lortab in me as well. I was SCREWED!
Well my dear bloggy friends, I would like to say I made 41 shots out of 48 on the target. 35 of them to the chest as instructed and 6 to the head! Don't mess w/ this momma, she can shoot a gun! Now now before anyone gets their panties all in a bunch, I am a responsible person. The only time I would use deadly force is if somebody was in my home, or attacking me or one of my children outside of the home. I am a firm believer that I have a right to protect myself and my family.

Sunday was pretty uneventful!

Monday, March 8, 2010

What A Weekend.....Part I

Oh man what a weekend. I was so excited Friday for it to be the weekend, so I could enjoy the time off. LOL...silly me, why did I actually think I was gonna get some down time? 
Get home Friday and Sugar Booger is painting, oh man NO he's not painting. No paint, no paint brushes, can I turn around and run now? Nope, he's already heard me, he starts calling for me from upstairs. Ahhhh! I go up there, very cautiously because I know what is about to happen. 
Sugar Booger: Hey honey, look what I've been doing all day!
Me: Oh it looks real nice, I'm gonna run back down stairs and get out of these clothes.
Sugar Booger: Oh but wait, why don't you put on some old clothes so you can help me?
Me: ^^^^^^^
Sugar Booger: Oh come on it won't take long. Just the door frames. 
Me: Ok fine!

So I go get the paint that, yep, he already had sitting out for me, and do the door frames.

Sugar Booger: Oh it looks like you have some left over paint, we should touch up throughout the house.
Me: Ok

So I go looking through the house, find some spots that need touched up and have at it. I get to the door....oh that stupid door. I paint a few spots, because well it needed a little touching up. But is it ever that easy for me? NOPE! They were 2 different whites, so now I have to do the whole door. One side of the door? No way, hubby needs the other side done, even though the other side is on the outside. Do I need to tell you how cold it was? Oh and just in case you didn't figure it out, if ya do the door ya gotta do the door frame. So I worked until 4pm, came home and painted until 10!

Come back tomorrow for Part II

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Here's Your Sign Thursday!!

Day 2 Day

It's Thursday so that means you get to hand out your signs again! Today I have a special friend addition. But no names will be mentioned to protect her identity!

Just wanted to see if you all knew a couple things.

Did you know that if you don't close the drain all the way, the tub will never fill up?
I won't say who, but my friend did that the other night. (click me)

Did you know if someone has a child that is going to be 15 in June, she is likely not really 25?

Did you know that you should always check your butt for stickers before you go to the girly Dr?

So to my "friend" that I love so much....Here's Your Sign!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Locks of Love

Mimi at He & Me + 3 has inspired this post.

I donate my hair every 3 years to Locks of Love. I grow it out and donate my hair. I have at one time donated 26 inches. That was a lot of hair, and a lot of tears shed when chopping it. So what made me start doing this? Let me tell you the story.

I have had long hair since I was a teen. All one length never really doing anything with it. When I was 21, I won't say how many years ago that was, I was standing in the check out lane at Wal-Mart. Behind me I hear a little girl about 6 talking to her Mom, when I hear her say to her mom "I would love to have hair like that!" I turned around and there she was, w/ a bandana wrapped around her head. Her mom told me she had a rare form of leukimia and they couldn't afford wigs. I got her name and number, went the next day and donated my hair to her. I kept in touch w/ them off and on. Just a quick hello and how is she doing. Her name was Amber, she was 6 almost 7 years old. Locks of Love made the wig and gave it to her. It took her several months to get it, but her mom said she was the happiest little girl on earth with her new hair. She said she'd swing around and around so she could feel the hair on her face. At night when she had to take it off to sleep, she laid it on the pillow beside her. Amber, sadly passed away 2 months later. The joy I know she was given will stick w/ me forever. So now, once my hair is long enough I donate it, so another child can feel and experience that same happiness.

It's been 2 years since I've donated, and sadly I won't be donating next year. You see, last time I donated 26 inches, I cut my hair very short, and now it must grow back out. But when it does, I will be back in donating my hair for a great cause! I hope all of you who can, will consider giving a child the same joy!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Today Is The Big Day!

Two Heather's Gonna Lose It

Today starts Heather and I's challenge to lose weight. I'm a competitive person by nature, so I'm gonna kick her ass! She's going down! We've set weekly goals, are gonna eat healthier (except for tomorrow cause Sugar Booger and I are going out w/ friends) and are going to exercise more. I'm determined to take her down! Gonna make her go crying to her momma and daddy! Don't be afraid for her, don't pity her, just know that she's going down!

My daddy came to visit me this weekend, YAY! When the kids and I were on our way back from taking him to his truck, the kids and I were talking about Presidents. I don't know why, or how we got on to this subject but none the less we were. You know I am such a history buff no nothing about history, but pretend really well like I do. So Lexi asks who was president when I was born, certainly wasn't Jimmy was Ronald Reagan...yeah that's it! I'm telling the truth I SWEAR! Ok so now that I have you convinced of my REAL age, on w/ the story. So Lexi says "Well Jimmy Carter is still alive" like I care, he wasn't president when I was born. Braydon in the back seat pipes up and says "Yeah well George Washington is still alive to!" This of course me being the wonderful mom I am throws me into hysterics. I couldn't help it, I know you aren't supposed to laugh at your children, but come was funny! This is something my Lexi would say! She's the blonde, and well so is he, but still! LMAO...George Washington is still alive! Who he meant was George Bush. LOL They got their brains from their Dad's side, certainly not mine, because I'm super smart!