Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Minute

Thank you to all who linked up with us for Monday Minute. We really want to keep this going for Ian and greatly apprieciate your support.

This weeks guest hostess is Jessica at Stilettos & a Fishing Pole.
Last week was Jessica's first time doing the Monday Minute! We are so excited to have her play along with us, so be sure to welcome her and visit her blog.

Ok now to the questions, Jessica wrote 3 of this weeks question and Heather and myself each wrote 2 of the others.

Who was your high school Sweet Heart?
I would love to say it was my husband, but it was not. My high school sweetheart was just that, he was sweet, great lookin, and man was I head of heels in love with him. It took me a very long time to get over him. I recently seen a pic of him, and yep, he's still very good looking. But hubby is a hottie and I wouldn't trade him for the world. Ok maybe I would for a couple million. :)

What is your favorite vegetable to eat?
The only vegetable I really eat is green beans. At that they have to be canned, I don't do fresh veggies. I will eat canned corn also, only if I'm forced into it.

Do you plan on dressing up for Halloween, if yes, what do you have in mind?
I have no plans to dress up for Halloween, but if I did I'd put a pan on my head and call myself a pot head. Or draw a crack down my face and call myself a crack head. Now y'all don't go stealing my ideas.

Are you a reality show junkie? If so, what is your guilty pleasure?
Oh I LOVE reality shows. My guilty pleasure is Big Brother. It really is my crack. I also watch America's Got Talent, American Idol, and lots of other reality shows. I think I watch more reality shows than anything else.

and finally

What year did you graduate high school?
Ugh...NOT TELLING! If I did tell you it would be a lie, because I'm 25 and not revealing my graduation year.

Friday, August 27, 2010

5 Question Friday!

Ok so y'all know that I love 5Q Friday! So play along and link up. 
One other thing please...please go here and "like" Mama M's video so she win the Tasteful Selections contest!

Rules for 5QF: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then go to YouTube to vote for my video. (I kid. I KID!! Well, I mean, I want you to vote for me, but it's not a 5QF rule!) C'mon back tomorrow (Friday) morning and link up! 

1. How many pets do you have?
I have 2 of the most wonderful dogs in the world. They are both Chihuahua's. Guapo is 2 years old and he weighs 3 lbs

And Tequilla is 3 years old and she is 6 lbs.

2. If you could switch places with anyone in the world for one day, who would it be?
I have no idea how to answer this one, because I love my life as hectic as it is and I wouldn't want to be anyone else.

3. What is your favorite money saving tip?
Ohhh...I love saving money., yes lots of coupons! Red tags, they are your friend! Give me a store and I'll tell you how to save money there. Oh yeah and buying online can save you a ton of money also.

4. What do you want your kids to be when they grow up?
Successful! That is all I want for them, is successful and happy. They can do what ever they want.

5. What is your favorite quote?
  I have 2 so you are gonna get both! 
1. I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control, and at times hard to handle, but if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best. ~ Marilyn Monroe
2. Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much!
Ok so really there are 3!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day 3 - Part 2

Something you have to forgive yourself for. Part 2

If you missed Tuesdays post you can catch it here.

Tuesday I told you one thing that I need to forgive myself, which is one of 2 of the biggest things I need to forgive myself for. So today I give you the second.

Every Friday I got paid my mom and I would go to brunch. I was working 2 jobs at the time and trying very hard to make it. Mom and I would meet up after my first job and go to brunch before I went home and got ready to go to work at my second job. My mom was my babysitter also. So on this particular Friday, I went to work, and pulled in to her driveway to take her to brunch. She was getting ready to get in the car w/ my dad and leave. I was like what the heck? So mom says "Oh I knew you were tired from working over lastnight I didn't think we were going today" Silly mom, I wasn't going to break our dates, I loved them. So we all went, mom, dad, the kids and myself.

Dad was taking mom to the store to get her this TV she wanted to so badly and a DVD player. The kids and I went to Shoney's and waited for them since it was right infront of WalMart where they went. We ate, we talked, we laughed. I looked at the time and freaked out because I didn't realize how late it was and I was going to be late for work. Well mom w/ her brand new TV and DVD player wanted to come to my house to get some DVD's to watch. Mostly she wanted to watch 8 Mile. So she took dad and the kids to their house, and I went home to get ready for work. Mom showed up pulled up behind me in my driveway and I ran the movies out to her, told her I had to go, jumped in my car to leave. Mom was pulling out slow, she knew I was in a hurry and was trying to not be in my way, but she was. Me being in a hurry and wanting her to move rolled down my window and in a huff said "You have got to move the F out of my way!" She did and off I went to work.

Fast forward 4 hours...I'm at work and my supervisor comes gets me, says there is someone here who needs to see you. I walked up front and there stood my dads friends wife w/ my kids. She looks at me and says "Your mom is in the hospital" The first words out of my mouth were "hows my dad?" See my dads reaction to things will tell all. They told me my dad was crying...I knew then it was bad. So I grabbed my stuff quickly and drove to the hospital. When I got in there my mom was laying there on life support. She'd had a heart attack and was in a coma. My mom never came out of that coma, we took her off life support 4 days later. I have yet to forgive myself for those last words I know she heard come out of me.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day 3 - Part 1

Something you have to forgive yourself for. Part 1

I have a lot of things I need to forgive myself for. A lot of mistakes I have made through life and I beat myself up for. A lot of guilt for things I have said or done, yet can't let go even when others have forgiven or even forgotten. Not me I will never forget the look on someones face when I have hurt them.

When I was 17 I really did think life was so horrible it wasn't worth living. I had a daughter, I was young, and I couldn't support her on my own and I knew what that was doing to my parents. I felt like a horrible mom, I felt like a horrible daughter. I honestly felt the world would be a better place w/ out.

So I put my daughter to bed one night, went and asked my mom if she minded if I went out because Lexi was in bed, I knew she wouldn't. I went down stairs, opened the cabinet and swallowed every pill in there. I called my friend to come pick me up, because I did not want to die at the house. We went to a party, my friend knew what I had done, and she didn't tell anyone. The Dr's were amazed I made it through the night. My mom called and told me I needed to come home because she had to go to work. I went home, I remember laying on the couch, I can remember at one point my dad woke me up to change my daughters diaper.

Thank God this was at a time when my dad was home for a weekend. What happened next is only what I've been told. When my mom got home my dad told her I had just laid and slept on the couch all day. My mom woke me up and asked me what was wrong. I apparantly told her I had taken the pills and she called 911. My mom said when the EMT's came to get me they thought I was faking it because it had been so long since I had taken the pills. So they picked me up, told me to stand up and let me go. I fell to the floor hitting my head on the corner of the coffee table. Guess that made them realize I really was out of it.

At the hospital they shoved a huge tube down my nose ( I remember every bit of that pain) and pumped my stomach. That is the only part of the hospital ER that I remember. My mom said the Dr told her to call in family and friends because they didn't think I was going to make it through the night. Another hour at home and I would've been dead. They put me in ICU. I woke up some time during the night, and seen my dad sitting in the chair, asleep. He woke up, came over and seen I was alert. The pain on my dads face when he looked at me and said "Why, what did I do wrong?"

I'm sure you can imagine the pain that shot through my entire body at those words, because it was nothing he did wrong. He was a perfect father, the best parent anyone could ever ask for. For this I need to forgive myself.

Because I have so much I need to forgive myself and to spare you from reading an entire book in one post, I will continue this on Thursday.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Minute

Well as you all should be aware Ian has handed over Monday Minute to Heather and myself. We will continue to do it the same way Ian did, and hope that we can keep this alive for him. So please be sure to join us by playing along and linking up. I'm so excited to be doing this w/ Heather. We have some ideas in store for some future MM stuff.

Favorite 80s flick?
Now how would I know that, I'm only 25 and was way to young to be watching TV. Well ok I may or may not be 25 but I will never tell. In any case I didn't watch much TV so really don't have a favorite 80's flick.

One genre of music needs to be banned. Which genre?
I'm torn between crazy rap that I can't understand and crazy metal music that I can't understand. Or both would be ok w/ me.

All time favorite candy?
Hmmm...Hersheys bars are great, but so are reeses cups. You choose for me.

How 'flawed' is your driving record?
I've had 2 tickets, one for seatbelt and the other for speeding. In my defense I was on my way to the Dr's while I was pregnant w/ my son and was told I could be having a miscarriage so I was in a bit of a hurry. Also I was doing 55 in a 35 but the speed limit sign was no more than 10 ft in front of me.

What was high school mascot?
Uhm...a giant little dude. Freaky looking isn't he!

What color socks are you wearing?
I don't wear socks, I can't stand them. They make me feel restricted.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Blog Make Over

With Labor Day coming up I wanted to have my blog decorated just to celebrate. Hope ya'll like it.

Saturday 6

BWS tips button

One of my favorite girls has a MeMe that I am just now finding about because I've peaked my head out from a Wednesday. LOL I suck at time management lately. So I'm jumping in this weekend and supporting my gal!

The rules are simple....grab our adorable little button, answer the questions, and link up! Here we go:

Who has it easier-men or women? Feel free to elaborate! Men have it easier! I think (atleast in this household) there is more pressure on a woman to be perfect than a man. Must have the perfect body, the perfect children, the perfect husband. Must have a clean home at every moment. Must cook gourmet dinners (LMAO) and then clean up after everyone. When they get sick we care for them, when we get sick....hey it's dark, where did they all go?

What's the most scandalous thing you've done this week? Oh I have been so lame this week! Nothing scandalous from me. Work and sleep.

Worst pick up line you've ever heard? Either I'm ugly, or I have a bad memory because I can't think of a single one.

Who's your celeb crush? David Tutera at the moment. He is just so delicious. Yes Yes I know he's gay.

Do you feel comfortable talking about sex? I'm an open book, w/ nothing to hide and don't embarrass easily so perfectly comfortable talking about sex.

What's your all time favorite movie? It's so hard for me to pick just one. I love so many. If I happen to think of one by the end of the day I'll let ya know!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Five Question Friday with Mama M

I loved doing this MeMe but it's been awhile since I have, so I'm back in the game!

Rules for Five Question Friday: Copy and paste the following questions, answer them, then make sure to link up when the linky's up! I typically post the linky early Friday morning, so watch for it! If you are "blogless", feel free to answer the comments below!
1. Do you have any nicknames and if so how did it come about?
I do have a few. When I was younger it was Monkey, apparently because at some point I would only eat bananas. Now it's Lissy, or Lissa to my family. At work they call me Macaroni, because of my last name and because I swear they like to name people after food. The part time receptionist nickname is Pickle. Go figure. 

2. What is your birth order amongst your siblings?
Oh I am the baby. Yep, spoiled rotten brat I was. Have you ever heard the song The Baby by Blake Shelton (click it but be warned you WILL cry, I still cry every time I hear it.) that explains my birth order almost perfectly.

3. In a movie of your life, who would play your significant other?
Does this person have to resemble my husband? Because I don't think there is one that would. But who would I want to...Jeff from BB 11, Yum, or David Tutera even if he is gay, he is HOT. 

4. What is currently your favorite song?
Aside from the above song, my favorite song at the moment is I Pray For You (Go ahead listen to it now, you won't be sorry!)

5. Are you saving your money for anything right now? Big or small purchase?
Right now I am saving for Christmas. I want to not have to worry about money at the moment.
Go back, link up, and play along w/ us!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Last Week At Work

No this is not my last week at work, I'm going to tell you about this past week at work. 
One word describes it "exhuasting."
It started the Friday night prior. They called me and told me the part time receptionist was in a motorcycle accident. So of course I jumped in and said I'll do what I need to do to make sure she's ok, the company is covered and she has time to recoup. So Saturday I worked 7:30 to 7. I was beat. Had Sunday off. Monday and Tuesday I worked 7:30 to 7. Wednesday 11 to 7, Thursday 12 to 7, and Friday 7:30 to 4. I was wiped out by the end of the week. Working late every night, getting off my normal schedule, and was just out of whack. But I sucked it up and did it.
Now the part that frustrated and pissed me off, was she had the accident Friday night. It was very minor, though I'm sure she was sore. So in my eyes I figured a few days recoup-oration was plenty. Expected her to be back on Wednesday, but nope. Expected her to be there on Thursday, but nope. Friday comes and she didn't want to work, but they pretty much didn't give her a choice since her Dr did not say she couldn't work. So to say I was pissy by the end of the week doesn't begin to feel how I felt. When she did come in Friday, she was all bouncy saying "No I'm fine." Well honey if you were fine, then why were you pretty much forced to coming in to work? 
I'm glad that week is over. I'm glad to be back on my schedule. And if ever she complains because she has to cover for me, she will quickly be reminded of this past week.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesay Review

This little pill has been a life saver for me. I run so low on energy during the day. I had tried the 5 hour energy drinks but they are so horrible tasting I can't get them all the way down. YUCK! This Spring Valley B12 has helped me tremendously. The first ones I took turned my pee neon yellow and made it stink. Not to mention that they tasted horrible. These ones are small and pink. No bad taste and no smelly pee. I would recommend these to anyone that needs an energy boost during the day. These can be purchased at Walmart for about 3.97 for 500 of the 1000 mcg. I love these!

*I was not compensated in anyway to write this review. This review is based solely on my experience using the product.*

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

30 Days of Truth

Day 02 → Something you love about yourself.

I love being a mother. I love my children and they are my life. So I love that I am a mother.
One thing I truly love about myself is my heart. I have such compassion for people. I love being able to listen to people, to help them try to find a resolution to what ever it may be that they need. I believe I am a good friend.
I love the passion that I have for animals. My desire to save them goes above and beyond my own needs. These are helpless animals, in need of homes that are nurturing and loving. My goal is to save as many as I can in my life time.

Before I can begin to love anyone else,
I have to find a way, to first love myself.
Loving myself should be an easy thing to do.
If I can pat you on the back,  I can do
the same for me too.
I have to learn to love myself this is true .
Because no one can love me as much as I do.
I must find a way to give myself a break,
and be able to love myself no matter what it takes.
I'm not alone feeling the way I do.
I hope to one day love myself,
just as much as I love you.~J. Earl Evans

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Minute is co-hosted by the Anywhoodle NOLA Queen, Kimber!  She wrote all five questions.
Kimber is one of the funniest girls you will come across! Be sure to visit her and link up.
Monday Minute

If you could have plastic surgery, would you? If so, what would you get done?
I totally would have plastic surgery. I want some lipo on the hips, belly, and butt. I want to give the girls a lift also.

What laws have you broken?
Me...break the law? NEVER! And if I have broken the law, why would I make it public knowledge so they can come get me? LOL...seriously I think the worst I've done is speed. 

What is your quirkiest habit?
Hmmm...I don't know. I pick my hair a lot. A LOT! It's a bad habit and I have yet to break it.

If you only had 3 songs to listen to for the rest of your life what would they be?
Oh I hate these questions because I never have an answer to them. I can't pick 3 songs, but if you'd like, you can pick them for me.

and finally...

How often do you have sex?
With my husband? Not enough. 
Ok that was me kidding, of course I only have sex w/ my husband...that doesn't change the not enough though. Seriously....not enough!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Imagine this...Heather @ In The Land Of Crazy tagged me! She tagged ME! Who would've guessed that this self proclaimed crazy lady would tag me.
Here are the rules to this tagging game:
Answer 8 questions, then come up with your own questions and tag 8 more people.

1. What time do you normally go to bed?
That depends completely on the day. Week days I go to bed at 9 and do my best to be asleep by 10.
2. If you can vacation any where in the world, where would you want to go?
I don't know that I would go to any one place as much as right now I would want to go alone.
3. What is one food you could eat everyday?
Pizza...I think it would be pizza.
4. If you won a million dollars, what would be the first thing you would buy?
A home, and one big enough to fit all my family so I wouldn't have to miss them anymore. *sniff*sniff*
5. Would you rather watch a movie at the theater or at home on a DVD?
Def at home. I hate going to the theater. I hate going to the theater so much I haven't gone to see a single Twilight movie. I've waited for all of them to come on DVD.
6. What reality show would you like to go on?
Well Big Brother is my favorite reality show, but I don't know that I could handle being locked up w/ a bunch of idiots. 
7. What do you like to do to celebrate your birthday?
This year...I just want peace and quiet! Please..that's all!
8.  Do you have a bad habit, what is it?
I smoke, I pick my hair, I yell. All bad habits!
Now I get to pick on 8 people to answer my the lucky winners are:
Laura @ The Purse Blogger (I love you girl)
Anisha @ Organized Chaos (Seriously y'all I just found her...or she found me but I love her!)
Mrs E @ Baby Bits
Debbie @ Suburb Sanity 
Momma Fargo @ The Boogie Man Is My Friend (**WARNING** Do not read this blog if you are not prepared to piss your pants!)
Jimmy @ Jimmy's Opinion 
Ok now if y'all choose you get to answer my 8 questions. 
1. What do you do in your spare time?
2.  What is your favorite movie genre?
3. If you had a do over - what would you do over?
4. When you know nobody is listening, do you sing at the top of your lungs? 
5. What is the strangest food you ever ate?
6. What is your motto in life?
7. Who has had the most influence on your life?
8. What is your personality type? Take the test!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nashville Zoo & Some Other Stuff

My sister came to see me a few weeks ago, and we went to the Nashville Zoo. I've been bugging and waiting to go to this zoo for 3 years now. Well finally I got to go, and while I loved spending time w/ the fam, it was hot and the animals weren't out. They were hiding in the shade, so we didn't get to see many. I can't say I blame them though. I'm gonna go again, when it cools down, and it's not so miserable.

I think everyone found some amusement in me gagging at the spiders. Spiders creep me out, they hold me hostage in my bathroom for hours on end, and they make me gag. So when we were walking the little bug part...I gagged. Not once, not twice, but about a half dozen times. I kept closing my eyes in there. By the way when you are the one behind the camera and taking pictures, closing your eyes doesn't help. *Just a side note also, when you are riding a bike down a hill and you can't get the bike to stop - closing your eyes doesn't help.*

I would love to share pics, but all the pics I got were of my family and I'm not going to put them on the net. I do have to tell you though, that I have the cutest neice on this planet, and she's such a happy baby! I can't wait to see her again, and take pictures of her. You see I was supposed to while they were visiting, but she found it much more important to get sick and then share it w/ the rest of us. Isn't she sweet!

2 weeks ago Lexi was riding a bike at her friends house. They were going down a hill that they were told not to and she couldn't get the bike to stop. So she closed her eyes. She crashed, flipped over the handle bars. She fractured her right arm, and scraped, cut and bruised herself from head to toe. She's ok though, and not hurt too badly, it could've been worse. I hope she learned a lesson from all that.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday Review

It's been a while since I've done my Wednesday Review, so I am going to start back up with that. So this week:

I started using the Mr Clean Bath Scrubber a few weeks ago. Not too confident that it would really work. I mean how many products claim to do the same thing.

The build-up of tough soap scum on your sink, shower and tub can quickly transform your bathroom from shiny and clean to dingy and grimy. Getting your various surfaces sparkling again, however, doesn’t mean hours of backbreaking work when you use the grime dissolving power of Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® Bath Scrubber that cleans 3X more soap scum per swipe*. With an Eraser pad that’s 30% larger and more durable than the Magic Eraser Original combined with a built-in soap scum dissolving cleanser, the powerful micro-scrubbers in the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber make tackling bathroom build-up as easy as ever.
 Well after a few weeks of using it, I am 100% confident in saying to you that this product lives up to it's claim 100%. I would love to take pictures, but with the white on my tub you wouldn't be able to see it. I can assure you that the difference in shine when there is soap scum is clear as day to me. So I tried it, again w/ no big expectations. I was amazed at the results. It put the shine right back into my bath tub. I will not use anything else to try and clean soap scum. I still use my other cleaners, so that I feel it's sanitized properly, but to remove the soap scum, that will be the product I use. 

*I was not compensated in anyway to write this review. This review is based solely on my experience using the product.*

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day 1

So I was visiting Michelle's blog the other day and seen that she had started doing this 30 Days of Truth. Michelle found this over at Angel Believes blog. I also have come across writers block lately w/ the way life has been so this I decided to join along w/ them and do this. I have linked Angels blog directly to the questions so that if you would like to do it also you can find them easily.

Day 1 - Something you hate about yourself.

What a tough, yet easy one. There are many things I hate about myself, but I guess we'll go with the one on the top of my list.
I hate that I am bipolar. Many many people think that this is something we choose to be, or something that can be controlled, but I'm here to tell you it's not. I don't think that there is a single person in this world that would choose to be this way. It took years for me to finally find out why I am the way I am, and though now I am on medication and it does doesn't make it go away.
Really, who wants to depend on a medication to be functional. Can I function without medicine, absolutely, but do I function well, absolutely not. Without medication I go through many ups and downs. Many different emotions in a short time period. Racing thoughts that just don't stop. It's rather annoying. Then at night I can't sleep, because my brain doesn't stop. Imagine watching TV with someone just holding the channel button down and flipping through. That is how my thoughts go. So falling asleep is no easy task. Usually having the TV on helps me, because then I'm concentrating on something atleast, and usually that can help. Some days though, nothing can help and I lay for hours on end awake, tossing and turning, praying for sleep.

A few other things, I hate my nose, I hate my ears, I hate that my hair is thinning out. I hate that I can't cook, because I really do want to be able to cook. My husband can whip something up out of nothing, but me...I have to have a recipe, and even then, I'm so unsure because I'm afraid it won't be good.

So a new goal in life....learn to love myself for who I am. 
Step one of doing that - accepting that I am who I am.

Monday, August 9, 2010

This week's Monday Minute with Ian co-host is Kendra from Baby Bits. She wrote all five questions this week.

Monday Minute

What was your "oh no, I'm turning into my Mom/Dad" moment?

I'm not sure that there is one. I mean I have always said I would do things differently than my mom did. She was my friend, and let me get away with way too much. I love my mom, she was my best friend, and I nearly died when she died. My family says I am like her in that I do some things like her. Like hand washing my dishes before they go in the dishwasher, not letting anyone touch my washer machine, though I've let up on that one.

What current commercial do you find the most annoying/funny?
I hate the new Geico commercial, the one where they are playing chess and that guy starts yelling. It makes me wanna throw the remote through the TV, not call and get their insurance.

If you could only eat one color food for the rest of your life what would it be?
One color food? I have never thought about it. Hmmm...I really really have no idea. Can I choose pink since it's my favorite color, but that doesn't mean I don't want my food cooked.

What is your current Facebook/Myspace/Twitter status?
I do this in advance so right now my FB status is: I made it through my 12 hour day at work. Another one to come Monday!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Six

This is my first time jumping on board, but I'm going to do it. I'm a little late, but hey better late then never right?

  I'm joining up with the lovely Ashlee @ Love Comma Ashlee for a fun meme for Saturday!

1.)  Tell us one nasty habit you have--we all know you have one!  
My nasty habit...smoking. I know it's disgusting, but it's oh so hard to quit.

2.)  You are able to hire one of the following-which is it? Maid, Chef, Gardener.
Hands down I want the maid. I could totally use some help keeping this house up to hubby's standards. And with working 12 hour days lately to cover for a sick co-worker, I really could use it.

3.)  Would you sacrifice one of your fingers for half a million dollars?
A half million...nope I don't think so. A full million and that baby is GONE!

4.)  Tell us how your husband popped the question? (If you're not married how would you want someone to pop the question?)
Which time? The first time, on the back deck of our home. Nothing special or romantic. The second time, Christmas at his parents. It was so sweet, we opened presents, he states he has to use the restroom, comes back in and I here his mom say "Oh my" and start crying. Crazy lady why are you crying? Well around comes hubby, gift in hand down on his knee, and asks. So now I'm crying, his mom is crying, the girls are crying...and I say "YES" I love my MIL so no she's not really crazy.

5.)  Is there anyone that has ever done you so wrong that you just can't forget or forgive all?
I try really really hard not to live with hatred in my heart, but yes there is someone who has done me so wrong, I will never forgive him....EVER!

6.)  Do you believe that people should wait until marriage to have sex? Why or why not?
I want to say yes, of course they should, absolutely. I didn't, so I know the likelihood is slim to none. But what happens if one does wait, and then find they can not be satisfied by their spouse, then what? So maybe...if it's a long term relationship.

Friday, August 6, 2010

A New Lease On Life

Well after being away for a while and not posting or visiting much (sorry), I think I'm geared up and ready to be back in the game. The past few weeks have been extremely busy and stressful, so instead of gripe on here, I just took time away. Ok so I crawled into my little hole and had some good ol' fashioned self pity. Then after a round with an intestinal virus, and some very intense back pain, and two rounds of pink eye...I'm back!
So as some of you may have read in my last post my daughter and I started a blog together. She wants to blog, and I'm not willing to let her speak to the WWW by herself, so we will do it together. Maybe one day I will change the name of the blog and let her take over, but for now, this is how I feel safe doing it. So be sure to go over and visit us at the new blog.

Parenting A Fashion Diva Teen

I'm working on finding other things to focus on. First being my debt! As you will see I have added a ticker at the top of my blog. This will hold me accountable! Now I have all of the world to show I am paying my debts off. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not crazy in the hole in debt, I don't even have $1,000 in debt, but I wanna owe nobody nothing and that's my plan. So I've started with the first credit card to be paid off and then I will do the second one.

At the bottom I have added a savings ticker, because I really want to have money saved to use for Christmas this year instead of using credit cards. So here's to paying off debt and building savings all at the same time!

So to pay off debt and save money  I must have a plan right? Of course I do. Not sure if you all know it or not but I am a ChaCha guide. So to pay off the credit cards, I will be doing some extra ChaCha work. So be sure to text us and ask us a question at 242242. You can ask any question, we will text you an answer back, and hey the best will be helping me pay off my credit card! Now that's giving back to the community! Oh and by the way, ChaCha service is completely free. You will not be charged for using their service. NOW if you don't have a text plan, you will get standard text messaging rates.

To save money, I've set up an automatic withdrawal out of checking into savings once a month. In addition to that, when the next pay check comes around any money that I have left in the account goes into savings. Is it a great plan? Maybe not. But it's my plan and I will find out if it works or not.

Hope y'all have a great weekend. I'll be back to regular posting next week!

Monday, August 2, 2010

A New Blog

So Lexi has been bugging me about creating a blog, and I thought, what better way than to create a blog about teen fashion and store sales. So tonight we sat down and created our new blog together. She's in blog heaven!
Please be sure to come over and check us out!

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