Tuesday, May 1, 2012

National Mobility Awareness Month

The month of May is the first National Mobility Awareness Month. I think for the most part that mobility is something that we all take for granted, yet can be taken away from us at any time. I know I haven't until now, put much thought into what life would be like if I had mobility issues, or how it would impact the lives of my loved ones.

Statistics state that over 18 million people have mobility issues, and 6 million of them being veterans. Being from a military family I really want to make sure that our veterans are cared for along with all disabled people. What better way than to raise awareness and keep these beautiful people mobile in every way.

The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association will be celebrating all month and teaching people how to stay mobile with handicap accessible vans. NMEDA is also holding a online contest giving 3 winners a new customized wheelchair accessible vehicle that will be fitted to their specific needs.

When a person is impacted with mobility issues it also impacts their family members. Having a handicap van suited to their needs will keep them more mobile and make it easier on their caregiver to get them around. Nobody should miss out on the joys of the world because they are disabled and can't get to a destination. By making more people aware of their issues and what struggles they face and educating them on their options it may make their world a little more bearable and mobile.

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  1. Seriously, I've had my mobility taken away. It's horrible. :(