Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Instagram ~ Dogs

I don't know if I have mentioned or not, but I love Instagram so much! I've decided for those of you who don't have Instagram or haven't followed me yet (mestes225) shouldn't miss out on the pictures I get. Even better I have a husband who understands and supports my obsession of taking pictures. :)
My adorable Guapo soaking up the sun. He loves to lay outside in the grass.
Then there are those moments when I go outside without him and he looks out the door like I've abandoned him.
Another moment in disbelief that I abandoned him and went outside without him.
This is Precious. She's my MIL dog. It's not often she will let me actually get a picture of her face.
Sometimes I catch her snoozing though and snap one.
I think she's sticking her tongue out at me assuming I wouldn't put the picture on Instagram if she did.....she was wrong!


  1. Instagram is totally addictive (I'm howertonsix)! I usually only take pictures of the kids and I am a horrid photographer...but, it makes me feel like I'm less bad to edit it with Instagram, ha!

  2. Love them! Hopefully soon Brian will get me a iPhone or some kind of smart phone so I can Instagram!