Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Wedding - 2

After the craziness from rehearsal night I woke up ready to marry the perfect man for me!
I woke up bright and early and anxious to get the day started. I went to get my sister from the hotel and both of my sisters went with me to get my hair done.
I have a wonderful hairdresser who woke up extra early on her day off to do my hair for me. She's an angel, and did a beautiful job. I think we were all really tired. I had been up late getting stuff ready for the wedding and packing for the honeymoon. You think I would've done that before, but with everything going on and family getting in town it was pushed back.
After getting my hair done I headed over to Cannonsburgh Village where we were married. The wedding party got ready in the Leeman House. Such a beautiful little building with tons of history in it. 
I helped Lexi a little since she was gimped up from the car accident the night before. My sister-in-law was kind enough to help her with her hair.
There were moments of rest....a few!
My dress just before I put it on.
Some of the detail on my dress.
And my super hot shoes!!

After what seemed like forever it was finally time to put my dress on. I don't know why I was so afraid it wouldn't fit but I think I had more anxiety over my dress not fitting than I did getting married.

More pics and story to come!!


  1. those shoes are fantastic (of course, as-is the dress!). keep the pics/stories coming :)

    1. I looked for months for shoes....I fell in love with those.

  2. I can't believe I haven't seen those shoes yet! Those are HOT!

    1. I can't believe I didn't show you the shoes! I loved them!

  3. Ah! Congratulations! :) Beautiful bead work on your dress!

  4. You made such a beautiful bride!!! Your shoes...your dress....your hair. It's all lovely!

    Cannonsburgh Village is only about half an hour from me! Do you live around Murfreesboro? I'm in the Rockvale/Eagleville area!

  5. You make such a beautiful bride. After ten years of marriage, I realize that some of the most precious memories of my wedding day was the pre-wedding celebration with my family. As well as my husband, we cheated since we had been together for so long and did see each other first thing in the morning. I'm glad you wrote about them so that you will always have it. Congratulations.