Wednesday, February 15, 2012

10 More Days

I can't believe we have only 10 days left. It has seemed like forever to get here and even with only 10 days it still seems far away. We are both so excited to make our commitment to each other. So in the next 10 days we have a lot to do.
We still have to buy covers for the table (last minute shoppers much?)
We have yet to make a decision on flowers and by we I mean me...I'm still so back and forth on them, but I have a few more days. Thank goodness the florist doesn't need a long time.
Hair cuts for everyone next week.
We did finally buy the decor for the fireplace in the reception hall. That fireplace is the whole reason I wanted is a winter wedding after all. I love what we got!
We have had the centerpieces for the tables....except ours. We haven't decided what we want as a centerpiece for our table.
I have to finish making the canvas signs for part of the fireplace decor. Thank you Pinterest I loved the idea!
Family will start arriving on the 22nd. All my family is out of state. My sister is coming in on Wednesday and the others will be here Friday. I'm excited to see all of them.
Nails need to be done next week some time.
Hair appointment is made for the wedding day. I was thrilled when my hair dresser said she would come in to do my hair. She is getting married just a week after me and had planned taking all that time off. She's such a sweet girl.
I also have received an offer to do a giveaway! So as soon as I receive the product and am able to review it I will get that giveaway up! I can't wait!


  1. What an exciting time! You are certainly going to have a busy 10 days. :-) I hope your wedding is everything you want it to be, and then more. Have fun!

    1. It is a very exciting time. The next 10 days is going to have my brain fried.

  2. I'm so excited for you! I so wish I could be there.
    Shame on you for not having your flowers yet LOL

  3. Oh wow - so much coming up for you! All the best, enjoy every minute!

    1. I keep telling myself I will not stress over stuff and just enjoy the day!

  4. You sound so happy and excited in spite of a pretty big to-do list. I'm so thrilled for you!

    You'd better show us pictures!

    1. I will post a lot of pictures as soon as we have them back!