Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Clean Up 2

Still cleaning out the SD card and getting ready for our honeymoon. Here's some pictures to look back on!
Last year was our first year going out and cutting down a real tree to bring home for Christmas. We had such a wonderful day with the family. Worst part....Braydon wasn't able to be with us. But we got a beautiful tree and Lexi had her own tree for her room.
This tree was so much larger in our home than it looked out in the field, but it was gorgeous! We all took turns cutting it down, but it was Marvin who ultimately finished it.
Lexis little tree for her room. Convincing her that she didn't need a big one was hard to do. But this one ended up working perfectly.
Yes I'm still talking about Christmas in February...what can I say it was a great one!


  1. What a cute tree! I have never had a real Christmas tree.

  2. I love the smell of fresh pine tree in the house, but I dislike the clean up afterward.

    Have a great time on your honeymoon!

  3. That's a cute tree though!
    Hope you have a FANTASTIC day tomorrow!

  4. Well, I haven't talked about Christmas yet, so you are ahead of me. ANd? Can I have that tree for my room if she couldn't?