Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Moving Out

This guest post from Werner Rogers

It’s funny how growing up, I thought that my parents were only trying to keep me from having fun. Little did I know that their protection of me was also saving me a fortune. But of course, I knew better than they did and I moved out. After finding a cheap place, I turned my attention to the necessities…beer. After getting my refrigerator stocked full, I had to line up my internet and phone. Let me go ahead and let you in on a little secret, there’s only so much that one can watch online before your eyes start to cross. With that said, I had to get cable services, and quick. Lunkily, a new coworker recommended that I take a look at http://www.Direc4u.com/. Now because of his advise, I’ve got the tv hooked up and I can actually use my flatscreen again. Now if someone could just suggest some cheap water, electricity and heat. If I drink enough beer, it’ll trick my body into thinking that I’m warm, right? Is it too late to move back in with my parents? It seems that my parents weren’t as much of a kill-joy as I originally thought.

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  1. Moving out is such a hassle when it comes to all the details involved. its not the big boxes that bother me, its the small ones
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