Sunday, November 29, 2009

Busy and sick weeks!

Oh the past 2 weeks have been a living hell! First the strep throat and ear infection, and then a abscessed tooth! I thought that tooth was going to kill me. A cortisone shot, antibiotic shot, and antibiotic pills for 10 days didn't kill the infection. A day after being off the pills my face swelled again and the pain set back in. Went back to the Dr and got 6 shots right in the rear! However the next day, the swelling was down and the pain isn't nearly as bad. So now I'm on antibiotics for the next 14 days.

We put the Christmas decorations up at work on Friday! Yay! I love Christmas!! I ended up staying over almost 2 hours to get them done. Who knew a 12 ft tree could be such a pain in the butt to put up, but it looks good and I'll get to enjoy it for a month. We could've gotten done earlier though if people would show up to work on time and I actually had time to help do them. As we are doing our decorations and putting the garland around, my supervisor keeps saying she's a "fluffer", I behaved and kept my chuckles to myself. Later in the day someone told her what a fluffer is (look it up if you dare and don't know) and so then they try to get me to fall in the trap of saying I was a fluffer. Haha...jokes on them, I'm a ChaCha guide, I know what a fluffer is.

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