Monday, November 30, 2009

I just got invited....

to take care of $900,000.00 for a United States Marine Captain! He was kind enough to send me an email and say that he will trust me...yes ME to take care of his $900,000.00! Do you suppose that if I let him put it into my bank account then he will share a portion of it w/ me, because in his email he does not state that he will. Hmmmm.....

Work sucked today, as it usually does at the end of the month. I think I will start using vacation time for the last day of the month so I don't have to deal w/ the stress of it all. Then to drive home in the traffic, people cutting me off, others refusing to do the speed really is enough to make me lose my mind. I'm also sure that Heather really enjoys listening to me scream and holler at people. What do these people do? Do they stalk me to know my schedule so that they can get out there and make me angry? Isn't there some law that states when I am on the road all others should pull over to the right and let me by. Yes, that's it I need sirens and lights for the top of my car! Brilliant!
Well that's it for my Monday madness...the week is down hill from here. Just 5 more work days left! Just! I keep telling myself that.


  1. Will you give me some of that money??

  2. I don't miss that 9 to 5:-( 5 more days WOW I feel your pain (hang in there:-)