Thursday, November 5, 2009

Good day....

So aside from being really tired today, it was a pretty good day. I'm so excited to get the bathroom started and even more excited to see the finished project. I am hoping that Scott and I are able to do the bathroom upstairs. It wouldn't cost nearly as much for us to do it ourselves. I figure we could do it for under $1,000 that is of course assuming that we don't screw up a bunch. Well I don't know the price for everything, like drywall and all that stuff. I am going to take some before pictures and some after pictures. I wish I would have done that all through the house as we have improved it, and done new things.
This is my 6 day work week and while that really sucks to me, I will have the overtime and I will like that. It will help for Christmas and I should have over time on 2 more paychecks before Christmas.
Not much more that has happened today. Work was pretty uneventful, Mr P was in a good mood, and I got a lot accomplished. They did add 5 new reports for me to do in the morning. It is more work, but I guess that means they are confident that I can do it, and it will also give me something to do in the mornings. After I get the first 2 reports done, I sit there for a long time doing pretty much nothing. It makes for a very long day.

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