Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday: Happy Day!

Well I went to shopping today for groceries and stuff...I was so excited over the money I saved and the stuff I got. I think I did really well for my first time going out to Walgreens and CVS..see my 2 Savvy Savers blog for savings if you are interested.
Scott left at about 3 this morning to go to Talledega, so I had the house to myself...well sort of Lexi was here. He won't be back until tomorrow and though I miss him like crazy and hate sleeping by myself, I enjoyed it. He is great to me and I love him, but the break is nice. We had a fight Saturday, over food, oh the silly things spouses argue over. It lasted all of 10 minutes. I went to take a shower to give myself time to calm down before I said things that I didn't really mean (do that a lot), he came in while I was taking a shower (silly man) and kissed me and said he was sorry. I of to apologized, because it wasn't just him. I get upset over stupid stuff sometimes and make a dumb arguement into a big blow up. He is usually good at telling me I'm out of line and I'm really good at storming off for a little bit.

We will be getting our bathroom gutted and remodeled, I'm super excited about that. So Tuesday when we go on our weekly date we'll be going to a quick dinner and then to Lowe's and Home Depot to look at tubs, vanities and shower fixtures. The above vanit is the one I'm set on getting, hope he'll go for it. We live out in the country so I want to do my bathroom in a sort of country theme and I think this will fit in well. What do ya think? For shower fixtures I'm really pushing for a low flow rain shower head. I want to conserve water without giving up pressure, and I just really like those rain shower heads. I'm going for the brushed nickel ones. We are tiling the floors and around the tub. Gosh I'm so excited to get this done, I hate my bathroom. We are going to try to do Lexi's bathroom ourselves and if that is a success we'll be doing Scott's bathroom as well.
Once we get the bathrooms done we can work on getting the guest bedroom done. It really just needs to be painted, but I after all the painting we have already done, I don't want to look at a paint brush for a while. I'm gonna try to go out and take some more pictures that are country looking for the living room, if I get some good ones we'll hang them. I also want to hang family pictures on the accent wall in our living room. I think once we get all this done I will start to like this house more. My biggest complaint has been the bathrooms. I hope I remember to take before and after pictures and I will post them. Looks like once they start the work it will take between 4-6 weeks to complete, that part I'm not thrilled over since Scott's bathroom only has a shower stall in it and Lexi's is the same.
Ok I'm off to bed now to try to get some sleep. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!!

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