Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Always the Last To Know

I read the news all day while I'm at work, what else have I got to do, but I still feel like I'm never caught up on the worlds' going ons. I think I get all my news from The Truth About Motherhood.
 For instance, I swear I was the last to hear about the video w/ the little girls dancing to Single Ladies. Shock, that's what I felt when I seen it. Seriously, I mean OK, let them dance, but like that?!? OMG! My daughter was in dance, but never would she be making some moves like that. I of course have to go around reading about it so I get the whole story. One of the mothers said "this was a competition and they were competing like they should be." Really? Did you ever think to teach your child that it doesn't take sex, or sexual moves to win a competition. Sex sells right? It does, I'm not gonna deny that, but not w/ a child! Why can't we teach our kids that great dancing comes from talent, and hard work, not being sexy. Oh and a side note, I don't think 7 year olds can be sexy, but if that were a dance of a grown woman it would be considered sexy.
Then there is the case of the teacher beating the child. Outrage, that doesn't even begin to describe what I felt when I seen that video. I understand that she may have "thought" that he was threatening a girl, but to beat him the way she did was so uncalled for. Even if she had witnessed him hit the girl, it was not her place to beat and attack him the way she did. I think she has been abused herself. For her to react the way she did, she either has serious anger issues, or was abused herself by a man. In any case she doesn't belong in any schools. I hope her license to teach is snatched out from under her. I hope that she is charged w/ assault and child abuse. One thing I can promise you, if that were my child, I'd be sitting in jail right now! There is no way I'd let her escape after doing that to my child.
Then there is the oil leak. Oh please BP get this under control. I know they have had some success, but not enough. We are going on vacation to Pensacola at the begining of July. While I can totally recognize that my vacation is the least of their worries, it's still my vacation and I'm going to whine about it!
Do you ever feel like you are always the last to know something?


  1. I seen the video of the girls dancing and there is no way I would allow Allison to dress like that or dance like that.

    And that teacher would have gotten a ass beating from me if that would have been my kid. No one is gonna lay their hands on my kids.

  2. I'm always the last to know because I avoid the news. NOt good to do, but it is all so depressing. I hear it from my husband or on blogs. I can't bear to sit and watch it.

  3. I am a news watcher so I do hear most of this kind of stuff. Some of it I don't pay attention to though.

  4. Kids that young have no buisness dancing in the manner you described the parents should be ashamed of themselves for allowing it.

    I have no problem with a teacher disciplining my child but there is a big difference between discipline and abuse, you beat my child and you will see some teacher abuse.

    Hopefully BP can get this under control, I have such a problem with this because in my opinion there should be valves that actually work in place just in case of a leak, there is no excuse for allowing it to go this long.

    You are allowed to whine as it is your vacation.

  5. I thought your reason for coming to Pensacola was to see me! You know my opinion about the girls. And that "teacher" is at a private school that does not require them to be certified.