Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Most Memorable Birthday?

I'm thinking back to when I was a kid, and of course that was not so long ago because I am very young and hip. (It's my story and I'll tell it how I want to!) So my most memorable birthday, I lack childhood memories for some reason, though I know I should have a ton:
It was my 16th birthday, and I was sad, depressed, and thought it was the end of the world. I was sick as a dog for the past week and didn't know why. My boyfriend, had up and disappeared (he was in jail, I just didn't know it) and I was so saddened. My mom, being the person she was, couldn't stand for me not to be happy on my birthday. We were broke, we didn't have any money, but my parents always did their best. So mom got a few of my close friends together, and took me out to ChiChi's. They embarassed the crap out of me. They told the waiter it was my birthday and mom told them I needed some cheering up. So next thing I know, I'm eating my food when they bring this extra large hat, not just the big sombrero, but a really big one. They put it on my head, have me stand on the table and everyone started singing. That was the day I learned not to let stuff embarrass me.
I was sick because I was pregnant and just didn't know it. My friend had her baby on October 10th, I was there and said "MY GOD I NEVER WANNA DO THAT!" 7 days later I found out I was pregnant. I wanted to die! Now I have a beautiful daughter who will be 15 in just a few weeks. I hope that I am able to make her birthdays and holidays as special as my mom always made ours.

The ex was in jail, but I finally seen the light and left his butt. Best thing I ever did for me and my daughter!
So what was your most memorable birthday?


  1. Just reading your blog, people can tell you're a great mom. I am sure you'll do all in your power for your daughter. It sounds like that birthday is in the books forever for you since you got your daughter too.

  2. Your a awesome mom and you have the most wonderful kids.

    I think my most memorable birthday was when my parents had a big bon fire and had my friends and my cousins over. I had such a great time.

  3. That was one heck of a birthday and you're in a great place now doing the best for your kids. I KNOW you'll make your kids birthdays just as special!

  4. What a sweet Mom you had and a beautiful daughter you have. It is so fun to make our kids birthdays special...makes them feel even more loved.

  5. Oh you were dealing with a lot!
    I think my most memorable was my 30th. I was also my 16th...my parents wanted to make it so special and threw me a suprise party. It is an akward age yes?

  6. :) Yeah! It would be so great for you to submit your love story. I have a questionairre and you fill it out- I'll link it to your blog - and you can send me some images from the past and now if you'd like! :) It would be super sweet of you! :)


  7. Sounds to me like your Mom is Great and you are right up there with her for your children, your sixteenth sounds like it was a blast and also the beginning of a new life with your Daughter being on the way.

    I'm looking for mine this year to hopefully be the best so far, I'm hitting a milestone and hope to act like a kid :)

  8. What a special birthday even though you thought it wasn't!

    My most memorable birthday probably was my 30th...lots of friends helped me celebrate in style!