Thursday, May 6, 2010

What Is Your Passion

First I want everyone to give all their love, support, and prayers to this sweet little face above. She needs all that she can get. So any spare moment you get, please ask God to watch over her and her family. 

My passion is animals! I love animals of all sizes. I hate when an animal is abused, forgotten, or abandoned. In Nashville's recent flooding it's been announced all over the news and radio stations that the animal shelters are over run w/ animals. Animals that people abandoned, left to fend for themselves in the flooding. There are dogs who were found drowned because they weren't taken to safety. How can someone do that? I would forget every posession I had (aside from the hubs and kids of course) and grab my dogs. I wouldn't leave them at home and just hope they could survive. I would make sure they survive!
My neighbor has 5 horses, when we were down there watching and waiting for the rain to stop my neighbor sat there, tears in her eyes, making sure her horses didn't drown. She didn't take her eyes off her barn for a second. She couldn't take them out of the barn because the fence was destroyed and laying across my yard. If needed we would have pulled them out and held on to them, but since I have never handled a horse, we sat, we waited, and we watched. She would go walking through that rushing water to give them shots, to keep them from panicking and getting an infection. Not once did she think about leaving them. A lady down the street got her horses out of the barn because the water was too deep, her horses were all gathered under one tree...lightning struck that tree and all of her horses were killed. She is mentally destroyed right now, why...not because she had property damage, but because her horses died. I can't imagine.
Yesterday at work, I got cussed out because some guys dog was locked in his car and we couldn't give him the key code to get in the car. Well sir....that is illegal, and oh yeah dumbass, that is exactly why you DON'T leave your animals in the car. It was 85 out and I hope that dog made it ok, but I also hope that he learned a very valuable lesson.
My heart and prayers are w/ everyone in Nashville who was hurt by this flood!

Everyone has a passion about something other than their family.What is yours?


  1. I'm definitely with you on having a passion for animals, especially when they need our help. Just terrible to hear of all those people just leaving them behind to fend for themselves.

  2. I am also with you on taking care of your animals, a lot of people seem to not have a problem letting them fend for themselves so to say but how would they feel if they kicked one of their children out to fend for themselves?

    Animals have feelings just as we do and if you take an animal into your family you should treat them as such.

  3. That breaks my heart reading this...especially the lady trying to save her horses.

    Animals are like kids...I would never leave mine...I have a 16-1/2 year old cat and she was my first child! I love her to death...and our dog is 11 and the best little annoyance there is...good guard dog though! :)

  4. That is crazy...I treat our puppy like a child. They are family.
    Praying for Monkey too.
    My passion would be photography. I am still learning so much but I love it.

  5. Hearts and thoughts to nashville and the oil spill.

  6. You let someone cuss you out?

  7. That is so sad about your neighbors horse.