Saturday, May 1, 2010

Short & Sweet

She makes me laugh!

Picture this (and I have to add, she's a natural blonde, that color is dye!):
We are outside, taking the dogs for a little walk so they can potty and she says to me "Mom, have you ever done something stupid and thought, now that is a story I can tell?"
I say to her "My dear child, you must have a whole book to write!"

I love him so much! He has a soccer game today! Wish him luck!

I can't believe I'm having to use Internet Explorer just to blog! I hate IE!


  1. LOL on you & your daughters conversation. Your children are both beautiful. Good luck in the soccer game. We have a tournament today for soccer.

  2. Good luck Brayden! Lexi is so silly.

  3. I hate IE too! Love my firefox.
    You have some adorable kids!

  4. I feel as you children are the light of my life!
    We were very into the whole soccer thing when they were younger. Now they are grown (20 and 18) and I cherish those weekends spent at the tournaments. It was great family bonding time.

  5. Ugh, I hate IE, too. It just runs too slow and is bad about - what I like to call - stuttering. :) Your kids are so cute!