Friday, April 30, 2010

Not Being Mean

Ok a second post for today. I'm trying ever so hard to go to everyones blogs, and comment, but my FF is being really stupid!!! When I click the comments button, there is usually a second page that will pop up. Well FF will not let it pop up, atleast not for a while. It will come up about 5 minutes later. No it is not a pop up blocker, issue! So not only can I not follow people because it's a pop up screen, but I can't comment! So if anyone at all has a solution to this, PLEASE tell me, it's driving me insane!


  1. Sometimes that happens on Fridays because there's so much following action going on!

  2. Aren't there readers that let you comment from them now? I don't know, maybe when I am not exhausted like I am right now, I can find it. Then you feed the blogs to the reader thing-a-ma-bobber and comment there. Again, I've been awake forever so I also could be making up such an invention..