Friday, April 30, 2010

Just a Quick Rant

Every day on my way home I drive by this horse that breaks my heart. This horse is so skinny you can literaly see every bone in it's body. It kills me, and every day Heather hears about it. You can see it's ribs, it's hip bones (if that's what they are called on a horse), it's spine, and it's neck bone. I don't mean you can just see the bones, it looks like the skin is just kind of hanging off of them.

My neighbor has 5 horses, so a few months ago, I brought it to her attention and she called the local ASPCA. You know what they did? They came out, looked at the horse, said it is indeed in severe malnutrition, and told the owner he had to put a blanket on him in the cold months, which he did. Now, in the owners defense the horse is very old, and he has lost his teeth so he can't eat as well. But for crying out loud, if your horse is so old it can't eat and keeps it's nutrition up, why not put him down. I get that you may love your animal, but don't be selfish and let him suffer the way he is. The poor horse is usually in the same exact spot, day after day, I'm told because it hurts for him to move. My neighbor also has a horse that's old, he's 25, and a beautiful horse. He is slimmer than the others, but not by much. She tried talking to the guy about it, telling him what kind of feed to get him, or just put him down, he's in too much pain...but he won't.

This breaks my heart every single day! Sorry I'm in a mood today!


  1. TGIF and uhhh the horse? That's fucked up

  2. Oh that is sad! Good for you for looking out for that poor horse!

  3. That is terrible. It is hard to put an animal down, but sometimes you have to put your feelings aside and do what is right for the animal. It's inhumane to keep animals that evidently suffer alive for no reason.

    I had to put our dog down and it broke my heart, but when I looked into his eyes he was begging me to help him.

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  5. Depending on age (main variable), older people tend to hold on to more things. Even animals. If you want to laugh... go check out my blog post today. It's pretty funny.

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  7. That's so sad! **sniff, sniff**

    Hope you day gets better!

  8. I very sad.
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  9. I feel so bad for this poor horse.

  10. Hey Melissa,

    I am with you something should be done for this horse, I understand that they are slimmer when they get older but if it is to the point that the animal is just suffering and not able to eat then it is time to let go and have him put down, I have a hard time with this but have even a harder time watching one suffer.