Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Short and Sweet!

Today I just wanted to share w/ you a couple funny conversations I've had at work w/ customers. Now I warn you, I deal w/ some pretty...uhm how do I put this nicely...ok well stupid people. So here goes:

Cust #1

Me: Answers phone (I'm receptionist for a car dealership)
Cust: Plantation blinds please.
Me: Uh ma'am you've reached a car dealership.
Cust: You mean this isn't Home Depot Plantation Shades?
Me: Yes ma'am.
Cust: Are you sure?
Me: Yep all the cars around me kind of give it away!

I totally should not talk to people like that, but sometimes they just deserve it. Why oh why do people ask me if I'm sure? Do they think I forgot where I'm working at?

Cust #2

Me: Answers phone (yep that's what I do every time)
Cust: Can I please speak to M...(M being one of the salespeople)
Me: I'm sorry but M is not in yet, would you like to leave him a voicemail?
Cust: Now by voicemail, do you mean I leave a message and he calls me back?
Me: That's generally how it works!
Cust: Ok hang on a min, I gotta get pen and paper...(hear cust rumbling around) Ok I'm ready!
Me...just shakes my head and puts him to M's voicemail.

Happy Hump Day!!!


  1. lol - guess they wanted a direct dial #??

  2. LMAO! They make your word day more interesting.

  3. Oh Wow... some people are pretty dense!


  4. Oh Wow... some people are pretty dense!


  5. bbbbbbbbbbbbahaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaa


  6. They would make a boring day fun if it hasn't be long and frustrating.

  7. I worked Customer Service for 7 years and it is amazing how stupid people are...I hope I never come across like! I probably do though! :)