Friday, April 2, 2010

When Will My Day Come?

Yes, today is "pity me" day!

I think I have been sick for the past 3 weeks, well 3 weeks Monday. First it's pneumonia, then I start to feel a little better and I'm blasted w/ a migraine, one that brought me to my knees, and now....NOW my allergies have blown up. I'm not complaining, ok so I am, I love the beautiful weather, everything turning green again, but I want to breathe out of my nose again! I want to not look like I'm crying all the time! I just want to feel good again. So when will my day come?
All done whining now!

I took some, what I think are some really cute pictures. Today I will only be posting my dogs pictures because well...I have to get a watermark/copyright on the kids pictures. So here are my fur babies, they are the cutest ever!

I really love how they play outside together! They look like they are so mean to each other, but that is all play! These two are the best buds ever!!


  1. Nice pics. Not sure if you are christian but Happy Easter nonetheless ;)

  2. I love the springtime doggy play! IT's so nice to feel these temps and see the sun again!

  3. Try googling some allergy remedies. And try not sleeping. I haven't slept the whole night in almost a month!!! And NOT because of the baby. She sleeps just fine.

  4. Oh good golly. Getting better seems like forever once your sick! But those damn dogs are just too stinkin' cute! Feel Better-Happy weekend!

  5. I hope you feel better soon, dang allergies :(
    I love the puppies, they are so cute.

  6. Hope you are feeling better soon! Hey, I see you mentioned a watermark on your kids do you do that? I heard someone was stealing kids photos and I assume that is why you are doing this. Let me know. Did you get the book yet? It is in the mail! :) I hope you can breathe better this weekend girl! Hugs!

  7. I am so sorry that you feel so crappy. The first thing that can happen to me is not being able to breath through my nose. It makes me absolutely miserable and whiny.

    The puppies are adorable. We got a new puppy a week ago....little black Schnoodle and my sister has 5 months old French Bulldog. She comes over everyday and when they play looks like they are fighting as's funny to watch.

    Hope you feel better soon....sending you some healthy vibes )))

  8. They are so cute. Thanks for the photos.
    Hope your find a way to deal with the allergies.