Friday, February 18, 2011

Funny Things Friday!

Ok so I'm terrible, and I did not write down funny things this week. What? I know...but well...ok I don't have an excuse so I won't give one. But I did find some funny things to share!

Uhm...what did they expect to find in there???
Well personally I would've thought it dropped off at age know the whole not a teen anymore. I could be wrong though!
As opposed to the dead one representing him?
I know ladies...I should've posted this one before Valentines Day! Sorry!!!

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  1. I forgive you forgetting to write something funny - these are great, especially the last one!

  2. Oh, the Awkward Date With a Weird Guy made me spit my coffee out! Hahaha!

    Thanks for the giggle this morning!

  3. Awkward date? Weird guy? I'm in!

  4. I love those, especially the last one!

    Hugs & love,

  5. Holy crap that was some funny stuff. But couldn't laugh loud or LOL hahaha cause Allie is sleeping.

  6. I like your sarcastic sense of humour. I couldn't read the last one though.

  7. Haha thanks for a laugh today!!