Thursday, February 24, 2011

Picture This Thursday
Welcome to Picture this Thursday! Join us and play along!!

It works like this. I will post this weeks photo's and also inform you of the category for next week. Which will allow anyone that wants to participate but that may not have a photo for that category an opportunity to get those pictures! There will be a linky (because I want to see everyone's photos!) that will be open for probably 2 days.

So I know you've probably seen it before but I L.O.V.E my dog!
Yep he's a poser! He knows he's cute!


  1. That is absolutely adorable! :) Such a cute picture!!! :)

  2. Haha! Love it!
    I've never seen this picture before! :)
    thanks for posting!

  3. What a neat dog, I love my little dog too. Always had big dogs, wouldn't go back for love or money..

  4. Your pup is adorable. My stepdaughter has a chihuahua (is that how it's spelled??) also. His name is Linus, and he's a big baby!