Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Lexi!

Well she's gone and done it, she's turned 15! This is not what I wanted for her, I wanted for her to remain a little girl forever! My little girl is growing up so fast. I can't believe she's 15 already. It seems like yesterday she was 5 yrs old, clinging to my side and chattering away about what ever. Now she's 15, still clinging to my side (which I LOVE) and chattering away about what ever. This day is such a hard day for me. 12 broke my heart, 13 darn near killed me, 14 I was kind of ok with. But 15, this is tearing me apart. Maybe it's because she is starting high school next year also, maybe it's me realizing that in 3 short years she'll be 18 and that means she's an adult (so to speak). I don't know but this hurts. I've cried, nearly every day for the past week knowing this day was coming. If I'm like this now, what will I be like at 16 and 18? Oh this poor child! Sadly I'm already thinking about her 16th birthday and what can I do to make it a really big one?

Sunday night she had a sleepover with 3 of her friends. That was fun! Yeah, 3 14 year old girls, giggly and loud as can be. OK who am I lying to, I loved every minute listening to their giggles. She hasn't had a boyfriend yet, how am I gonna handle that? Certainly one day she's gonna have one, she's gonna want him to come to the house, and I'm gonna sit the guns on the table, is that fair? Why does my little girl have to grow up?!? Why can't we put them in a little jar and keep them little and safe always?

I lost a lot of pictures when Ivan went through Pensacola and knocked 2 trees through the roof, soaking every picture I had of my kids growing up, but I do have a few that I had scanned, so here we go through the years:

Here she is just a few days old, isn't she just beautiful!

Her first Halloween, she was 4 months old. She was such a happy baby, always smiling and laughing!

 She was almost 2 in this picture, and aside from this being the only picture you will probably ever see of me in a dress, my little girl was beautiful!

 She was 3 almost 4 in these pictures. Still smiling as always!

She was 6 years old in this picture, she has such big beautiful eyes!

My little Cinderella, she always wanted to be a witch, but that year I insisted she be something else.

10 years old and as happy as can be!

11 years old and her first day of dance!

This is the day I got married, just before her 13th birthday.

14 years old, and today my baby girl turns 15!

I love you so much Lexi, you have brought a tremendous amount of joy and love to my life!


  1. So very cute :) Happy birthday

  2. Happy birthday clownie girl! She is very beautiful.

  3. Happy Birthday, Lexi!!!!

    You sound like me. I just cry and cry all the time for things like this!

  4. What a sweet girl. Doesn't seem possible that they can grow up that fast...but we did it to our parents too. I hate it that I have a double digit girl and that my baby will start kindergarten in the fall. She was and is beautiful. YOu are so blessed. Lexi, I hope that your birthday is the best yet.

  5. oh what a sweet tribute about your daughter! She is beautiful! 15...holy crap! I can remember being that is scary!

    I grabbed your button by the way! ;)

  6. Happy Birthday Lexi! She is beautiful! Look at those eyes. :) I totally hear you on our kids growing up. My oldest will be 12 this year and it is killing me. Aaaghh!

    I grabbed your button too. :)

  7. Happy Birthday, Lexi!

    She's such a beautiful young lady.Thank you for including us going down the memory lane with you.

  8. Happy Birthday Lexi!!

    They sure grow up fast don't they.

  9. How sweet Melissa! Tell Lexi Happy Birthday all the way from Washington. So glad to hear she had a sleepover with friends. How fun!

    My baby girl turns 10 at the end of the month. I am going to have to try and find some pics of her through the years. I love that! We are moving to the double digits!

  10. Awww so very cute! I can't even imagine Faith at 15. cringes.

    Thank you for flying with us today.


  11. Happy Birthday to beautiful Lexi!!

  12. they grow up so fast!

    Found you through the friday follow and stopped by to check out your blog! Come follow me back if you get the chance, I have some great ecofriendly giveaways! Have a great weekend!


  13. Hello. I am your newest follower via Friday-Follow. I hope you will come follow me to. Happy Friday

  14. ohhhh! your post brought tears to my eyes! My girls are 8 and 11 and I do know what you mean about each birthday getting just a little bit harder...for us! Happy Birthday to your baby:)

  15. Sniff, sniff. Mine is 14 going on 25, I mean, 15. I have a few more months to go, though! (whew)

    Happy Birthday, to Lexi! Thanks for letting Mom share your pic chronology!

    Following from Friday Follow Me.

  16. Aww happy B-day to your baby girl!

    New follower from Friday Follow!

    Have a great weekend!

  17. I hope she had a great birthday. On growing up... it's hard. Every year they grow, they accomplish more on that road to adulthood. I look at parenting (for now) as training my kids to be adults. Sad, because they're toddlers still. But it looks like you're training your daughter wonderfully. She's beautiful and I am sure she is just as proud to have you as her mom.

  18. A beautiful birthday tribute for a beautiful young lady :0)

  19. Happy Birthday Lexi!

    I'm your newest follower from Friday Follow! Nice to meet you!

    I have a Skoy Cloth Giveaway that ends on Tuesday if you are interested :)

  20. She is beautiful!! Happy Birthday!