Monday, October 25, 2010


Another great program I do to get gift cards for holidays/birthdays is MyPoints. With MyPoints you can get points multiple ways.
Shopping - You can earn points through shopping online. They have a ton of stores you can use. Just go to their site, find the store, and shop as usual. Points are earned per dollar spent. ie...JCPenney you can earn 2 points per dollar, Banana Republic you earn 4 points per dollar.
Search the web - You can download their tool bar and you get points monthly depending on how many searches you did for the month, or you can search using their site. 
Take surveys - take a survey and earn points for it.
Sign up for offers - Different offers reward different points.
Get emails - They send offers via email, you get 5 points for each one you click on.

I earn my points through emails and shopping. If I buy anything online I check to see if I can earn points first. I also have their tool bar installed and search through them. I keep my points until the end of the year and cash out for gift certificates. I usually get them for stores I plan to shop at. They have so many to choose from.


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  1. You know I love love love Mypoints. I have been doing this program since 2001. I use it to cash our for Landry's gift cards to use on my Disney World trips! We love Rainforest Cafe and T Rex!