Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things I Want to Teach People

I have so many things I want to teach people that I thought I would share them all with you. Be prepared, there is a lot I want to teach people.

  • Table manners ~ so many times when we go out to eat I see people chewing with their mouth open. This drives me crazy.
  • How to drive ~ did you know that when it is the slightest rain (sometimes when it's just the threat of it) you must go 25 miles below the speed limit? It never fails that I get behind that person. 
  • Stop making mouth noises ~ mouth noises drive me insane. At work the other day I had a lady standing at my desk and it sounded like she was sucking on her teeth.
  • When you call a company do NOT chew in their ear ~ There is a lady that calls in all the time and I swear she's sucking on an orange. There are also a lot of people who sound like they have their mouth stuffed when they talk. 
  • When calling a company actually listen when they answer ~ I hate when someone says "Is this *the company I work for*" Ugh...that is why I answered the phone saying the company name. DUH!
  • Being rude with me will get you nowhere fast ~ Why do they think that by yelling at me I'm gonna be able to make that person answer their phone.
  • Don't touch other peoples kids ~ this one is for Michelle. But really, I don't want you spreading your germs on my kid.
  • Staring at me while you are waiting for someone is not polite ~ Not only is this not polite, it's also rather uncomfortable.
  • Pay attention to your kid at the store ~ I know that blouse is really nice, but your child's safety and my sanity are so much more important. I really do fear for some children so I watch to make sure they aren't snatched by someone.
  • Show up to work on time ~ if you are late this doesn't only effect you. 
This is a small list...I will right them down along the way as I feel the need to teach people things. Please if you have any you'd like to add. do so! Then I can save me the headache of having to deal with it and teach them right away.


    1. Don't touch my child is on the top of my list. I might just have to share my frustrations!

    2. Good list. IF you get all of this accomplished the world will be a better place.

    3. Manners in general would be a good one to add :) very good list Melissa, rude doesn't work for me either.

    4. You know I am right there with you on every single one of these items! I say we make a handbook for the idiots who don't get it but then again they would probably never read it. Grrrr!

    5. people chewing with their mouths open makes me crazy!!!

      I mean come on people!!

    6. Good list! You know what really drives me nuts about people chewing with their mouths open? GUM CHEWING SERVERS!!! When you take my order, I do NOT want to see your fat wad of bubbalicious! Nor do I wish to be sprayed by the juice of said gum! GROSS!

    7. I wish the whole world would listen to your lesson! These are certainly things that need to be taught.

    8. I don't like those open mouth chewers either! I'm a gum smacker though but only in private! I promise!

      I don't understand people who stare and don't break it when you notice them staring....