Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Engagement


Tuesday is engagement day!

The first time Scott asked me to marry him was June of 2005, it was kind of a hey wanna get married. I said yes, and we went ring shopping the next day. It was about a month later when I backed out, said I wasn't ready for an engagement. I just wasn't ready to be at that level. Even if I thought and knew I'd spend the rest of my life w/ him, I wasn't willing to admit it to him. That would make me vulnerable and I hate being vulnerable. So I gave him the ring back, and left for a month or so. I was miserable, I loved him, I wanted to be with him, but just didn't want to think marriage. So we got back together and forgot the marriage thing. 
Fast forward a year, it was November 2006, and Christmas was right around the corner. I kept asking him "what do you want for Christmas" because I swear when this man wants something he goes and gets it. What am I to get the man who has it all? He does after all have me? I go through this every year, even still I go through it. So on w/ the story, when I ask what he wants all he will say is "yes." Ugh, yes what honey, what is it that you want? So I assume he wants me to just figure it out all on my own. Man what a stressful Christmas season, just say this is what I want! That year we went to his parents house for Christmas, they live in the mountains in TN. So we are all gathered around the living room opening Christmas presents and having a great time. He got me some stuff (darned if I could tell you now) the kids had so much fun opening their presents, and we started cleaning up the paper. Scott claims he has to go to the bathroom and up he goes. I'm busy busy cleaning up paper when I hear his mom say "Oh my" and she started crying...uhm HELLO what am I missing here, why are ya crying lady? Scott came around the corner, and got down and asked me to marry him. CHEATER!!!!! Now how am I to say "no" in front of his whole family, and his mom who is crying with joy and excitement! I said yes! 1 1/2 yrs later we got married. I couldn't be happier!


  1. Oh Melissa, what a sweet story! Just like something out of a movie!! I'm so glad you are happy and finally said yes, he sounds like quite a guy and anyone who has spent any time single knows that great guys are hard to find, especially Single ones!

  2. What a sweet story. I love that his mother cried. She loves you too. How awesome.