Saturday, February 6, 2010

Live, Laugh, Love

That is my favorite saying! It reminds me to live my life and not let the little things bother me. I love to laugh with my kids and husband. Scott and I have always laughed together almost every day. We all have those moments that we don't find anything funny in our spouses at the moment right?!? I love deeply! I'm one of those people who may not fall in love so easily, and give my heart out quickly, but once I love, I love deeply. This simple phrase speaks volumes to me and I love it. I have several things around my house that say Live, Laugh, Love. 
My other favorite thing, is our sign we have hanging above our bedroom door before you walk in it. It says "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" Just a reminder for us to not go to bed mad, not to say we never have, but rarely. We haven't had to many nights that we went to bed w/ out kissing goodnight. Even when I must go to sleep before he gets home from work, he still kisses me when he gets home. It's so sweet!
My other favorite saying is Corinthians 13. 

Happy weekend!


  1. Not going to bed mad is one of the things I am shooting for. You know me, when I get mad at him, I get real mad.

  2. we would be so much better off if we lived by the kiss me goodnight saying!

  3. Those are both great. I had those verses read at my wedding.

  4. I remember reading that at my brother's wedding, thirty some years ago.
    I like your saying over "Don't go to bed mad"
    TW and I kiss. She never realizes if I'm mad anyway, which isn't often.

    Real nice post, Melissa
    Thank you.