Monday, February 8, 2010

The Second Date

Monday is favorite date story. It's not a long story and I couldn't choose between two so you will get both.

It was our second date, the day after Chuck-E-Cheese. We went bowling, I love bowling, and I suck at it. It's still a good time. The silly side of me always comes out in bowling. So he kicked my butt and as any man would do, he rubbed it in. I let him have his moment of glory, because he's a man and you just have to stroke their ego once in a while. So after bowling we went for a little walk around the mall. There was one of those jet massager things, and I pushed him into doing it. So he climbs in the little machine and it starts pelting water on him, which he said felt good, but it shows your body outline, like this blue plastic over you. He got to wiggling his butt around and these 2 old ladies, and I mean old, says "Oh he's got a nice shapely butt" That turned him super bright red! I loved it, I love humiliation in others. I know that's not nice, but I love it. 6 years later and he's not so easily embarrassed.
My second favorite date is New Years Eve 2003, just a week into our dating. He was so sweet, we went to the beach at night, laid a blanket out and stared at the stars. We talked about us, you know the getting to know each other stage, and I enjoyed that so much. Then we went back to my house, and played one of my favorite board games, Sequence. He again kicked my ass, beginners luck, I swear! After talking about everything I asked him to just stay the night at my house, it was after all New Years Eve, and there are many drunks out. He lived about an hour away and I am a worry wart. So after much coaxing (yeah right) he agreed. So it's off to bed we go. He thought he was gonna be Mr. Lucky that night, but sorry honey, I barely know ya, and I'm not that easy. What a let down for him!

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  1. Ahahaha! Love what the old ladies said.

  2. What a tease, Melissa. The poor guy.

    That did happen to me once. Travelling more or less together but in separate cars. We left Presidio of Monterrey, she going to Indiana, me to PA. Figured we'd share some costs. She made me wear my pants in the bed. There is just no trust in this world sometimes.