Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Mini Vaca - Part 2

I know I know, I promised this last week, but well...yeah I didn't get to it. So my sister has been nagging me to get the post up. Yeah she hasn't even seen the pics.

Sunday morning I woke up, my lip was hurting really bad and I couldn't figure out why my face felt so funny. Turns out I had been bitten by a bug and this is what I looked like:
Stop laughing now! My lip was huge, my face was swollen and my eye was almost blackened. It sucked! I was not happy! How was I supposed to walk around looking like that?? I sucked it up!

Went outside to be greeted by the morning sun or not:
Yep remember that cute little creek I was so happy about? It flooded over night and flooded the whole yard. Stupid rain!
We set off to go to Ruby Falls. Aside from spending some much needed alone time with Prince Charming Ruby Falls was one of the things I was most excited about.
I know horrible pic, but I had to snap it between people running by it. So I got a pic of the sign...did I get a pic of the falls??? NO! Ruby Falls was flooded from all the rain and I did not get to see it! I was so disappointed.
So we went on with our day and went to the Incline Railway...have you been there? It is REALLY steep!
Yep that's it...almost a straight up and down shot. 72.7% grade! SCARY!
That's Prince Charming looking all manly and unafraid. It's just a cover though, I know deep down he was screaming like a little girl...or not, but it sounds good.
There is me...fat lip and all. Don't I look brave...or a little scared! I had to at least have proof on the camera that I was alive and well (except for the whole fat lip) before I went on. Just in case it you know let loose and fell all the way down.
This is proof...I know what you were thinking. You were thinking I just took a picture in front of it and claimed that I did it. No way, I was on it and snapping pictures. To keep my mind busy so I didn't cry!
That there...that's the view. Do you see all that fog? Because of that fog I didn't get to go see Rock City. I mean what is the point if there is no view right? This was taken at the top of Incline Railway.
So when we get off the train they say it doesn't go back down for 30 min. Prince Charming being the Prince he is bought me a hot pretzel...YUM I love those. We are sitting there munching away when we here them say they are going back down. WHAT?!? It had only been 5 minutes, where is that thing going? I can not walk back down...that is a long walk and they tell me I can't walk down it. So we had to wait for the next ride down. We did however warn the other passengers on their first trip that it doesn't really wait 30 min. It was pretty neat to do though.
We went back to the cabin and I was not going to let my camera time go to waste and I seen a little sign of Spring so I took the chance to take a few pics.
I was so happy to see these. It means warm weather is right around the corner!
At the end of the day we sat beside this....
Talking and enjoying each others company. Nice and warm, I think.

So all in all I didn't get to do the things I wanted to do, but I did get to spend some good quality time with Prince Charming. I did brave up and do Incline Railway...if you know me that is a HUGE step. I'm deathly afraid of heights. I will not tell you that I did it with no medication though.

He promises to take me back so we can do it all over again some day.


  1. You are brave going on that incline, I couldn't have done it.

  2. Just think, you could be starting a new trend. Plump your lips with Bite O' Bug!

    And, you really are totally brave taking that trek up to the mountain. Mr. BFG wants to take the boys (he grew up in Memphis and I think I've probably mentioned this at least twice, so I'll hush), but I'm not sure how they'd do on the ride up.

    Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  3. I could NOT have done the incline. I'm a wuss! And what kind of but was that?! HOLY CRAP!

  4. Scared to death of heights here so I am not sure i would have done the incline. Sounds like you got some much deserved time with the hubby though!

  5. Sounds like you had a fun time! Poor you, though...that bug must've been a nasty little blood sucker!

  6. What a crazy day! I'm so glad you were able to have some fun even with the bug bite!