Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bipolar Disorder

Ok today is all about the Depressive side of a bipolar. Hard to understand, yes, sometimes we can be very very hard to understand. Even more we can be unpredictable. I am fortunate enough to have a husband who loves me, and helps me through all of this on a day to day basis. This whole bipolar fun loving thing to have, is exactly why I choose to live my life Day-2-Day! Makes sense now huh?! Making goals for me is really hard. I might one day think, I'm gonna do this in a year, but when it comes down to it, I've either never even started, haven't finished, or come down very hard on myself for not succeeding. So on w/ the depression side of this.
Symptoms of depression or a depressive episode include:
Mood Changes:
A long period of feeling worried or empty. (This is not your average I'm sad today type of thing, this is full on depression)  
Loss of interest in activities once enjoyed, including sex.

Behavioral Changes:
Feeling tired or "slowed down" (This is when my brain refuses to function at all, can't think or do anything right)  
Having problems concentrating, remembering, and making decisions
Being restless or irritable
Changing eating, sleeping, or other habits
Thinking of death or suicide, or attempting suicide. (Please if ever any of you or someone you know is at this point call 1-800-784-2433 or 1-800-273-8255 they are there 24 hours a day and free to talk!) 



  1. I speak for all bloggers when I say we really appreciate your honesty!

  2. Thanks for sharing Melissa! I know how depression can affect can cut you off from so much! I use to love to shop. Since last winter when I was diagnosed I would rather not shop. It takes everything you enjoy and takes it away. So unfair. Melissa we all appreciate your story!