Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lessons learned in 2009

I learned a few lessons in 2009, and wanting to keep my fellow bloggers from making my same mistakes, I'm going to share:

Lesson 1. When hubby is cleaning the gutters with bleach, you should not stand under him, looking up with your mouth open. IT HURTS and IT TASTES BAD!!!
Lesson 2. When you are cutting up home grown jalapeno's you should NOT rub your eyes....IT HURTS!
Lesson 3. You should not put lotion on your hands and then attempt to clean your contacts...IT HURTS!
Lesson 4. If you have bad road rage, you should always know who is in the car that you are cussing just may be your boss!
Lesson 5. If you are trying to keep a secret, you should never ever, under any circumstances write it down.

Ok those are only 5 lessons that I learned last year, I will share more later! I hope you all learned something today.


  1. Actually I learned the lessons too. I'd experienced lesson # 2 and 3, and It HURT! LOL

  2. I really hate to say "Duh", but can't help it. I will heed the lessons, thank you.

    BTW, I was told that turkeys are so stupid that when rain hits their head, they look up to see what happened and stay that way long enough to drown. I should google and see if that is true.
    Also, a man should wash his hands BEFORE urinating after handling hot peppers.

    Road rage gets the bad rap, but it is the road rudeness that brings on the road rage that should get the blame.
    thank you for the lessons.

  3. Those are good lessons...sure wish you would have shared the one about the jalapenos earlier. I did that this summer and ouchs.

  4. Can't wait for you to elaborate on each one of those lessons...I wouldn't want to make any of them!

  5. I can add one...when you have to insert a fem ring or other type of feminine product, don't mess with essential oil of clove before hand...really hurts too!!

  6. Thanks for sharing and preventing me from hurting myself, too!

    Woohoo! Thanks also for linking up at Friday Follow. Here I am...your newest blog follower. Happy Friday Follow!

    ~ Lynn