Sunday, December 27, 2009

I tell kids the darndest things....

Today  my stepdaughter Megan was asking me about stomach pumping and how it was done. So I explained to her the big huge tube they shove down your nose and the nasty black charcoal they put down it and then how it makes you vomit. She asked me how I knew all of that, and I being the honest person I am told her...I tried to OD when I was 17. Well this kicked into the how old were you when you got pregnant w/ Lexi, so being the honest person I am told her I was 15 when I got pregnant and 16 when I had her. She says "that had to hurt!" Well dear child, childbirth at any age 16, 25, or 93 is going to hurt. She says "No, that really had to hurt!" Again sweety, childbirth at any age "really" hurts! She says to me "No, I meant the sex part and all that!" So me and my honesty says "OH...that part...OMG that part is EXCRUCIATING, I'd rather give birth 10 times then do that!" Think I held her off for a few years?!?!


  1. I hope that does hold her off on doing that.

  2. Oh my gosh. Im so glad I dont have to deal with teenageers for at least 10 more years. They scare me. Eeek!