Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's a great day today!

So I'm sitting here at work (working very hard, can ya tell) and it hits me...the Christmas spirit. I've been in the Christmas mood and I love Christmas, but I guess from wrapping presents lastnight and realizing that everything is going to be fine is what has made me settle some. I always worry about one getting more than the other and trying to make it all equal between the three of them, but sometimes it's so hard. It's hard to spend the same amount on all 3 and then still have equal amount of gifts because one gift they ask for may just be the full amount you have to spend on them an then they get one gift? I've always set a dollar amount on how much I want to spend, or rather I take what I have to spend and split it between the 3, and get them what I can w/ that. I try very hard to get them the things they want on their list, but it doesn't always work out. Lexi got some money from her Grandparents and now she is bugging me to spend it. She wants to buy the Vampire Diaries series, guess what Mom got her for Christmas and it's so hard to keep saying no w/ out her figuring out that I got it. I don't want Christmas to come and be over now that the "spirit" has hit me. Kind of late for it to be hitting me isn't it. Next year I swear I am gonna start my shopping early. If I have a couple extra bucks I'm gonna buy what ever is on sale. I think it'd make getting those stocking stuffers easier to. I'm also thinking that next year I will ChaCha and not cash out until I find something that I need to buy for them for birthday's or Christmas. I also do surveys and such so I will save that money also.

On a less brighter note, I still have absolutely no idea what I will be getting my husband for Christmas. I was going to just give him the money for his floor mats that he got for his Jeep (who knew they could be so expensive) and call it even. But no, not him, he couldn't make it that easy on me. I swear husbands are the hardest people on earth to buy for, and I think they do it on purpose. Maybe it's their way at getting back at us for all our mood swings and hormonal break downs through out the year. That's the only explanation I can come up w/. Why else would they be so complicated? It certainly would be for pure entertainment, now would it.

I can't seem to find a pink eye shadow that I like. I don't want anything to bright, or out there, but a nice pink. Every time I get a pink, it turns out to be to white looking and I don't like it. I don't have the money and I refuse to pay a lot for some make up. I've tried Cover Girl, Maybelline, Loreal, and Rimmel. None of them seem to have a pink that I like and I'm about tired of wasting money on make up. All I want is a pink...geez doesn't anybody make a nice pink anymore? Anymore it's all glitzy and glittery and well lets face it, I'm not 21 anymore and have to wear the "grown up" makeup these days. Gosh I wanna be young again!


  1. Hope you can find Scott that perfect gift!

  2. I have the perfect pink e/s for you...it is MAC "expensive pink" it is $11 but I like you was in search of the perfect pink and this is it!!
    good luck with the hubs a present!

  3. I'm gonna go find it. $11 is ok but the $60 I seen for the Raw Minerals makeup is outrageous!
    I think I know what to get hubby now!!!