Saturday, December 26, 2009

What a wonderful Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas, the kids were all very happy w/ what they got. Lexi almost didn't get one of her presents. Scott realized she hadn't opened it and we were searching all over for it. It was a poster of the Twilight wolf pack, and silly silly me put it in w/ the Christmas wrap. In my defense it looked like a roll of Christmas wrap! Hubby spoiled me rotten!

I've been bugging to use his MP3 player so he got me my own!

My Kodak printer that I have been bugging for so I can print out coupons. It also does a wonderful job at printing pictures....I am soooo thrilled w/ this one!

2 Victoria's Secret bra's and 3 choni's (panties)...he even got the right size!!!
And he got me a $100 Visa gift card to buy some more work clothes! I love him so very much! Poor guy everything I got him didn't fit. I bought him a really nice jacket from Macy's a size was to big. I bought him a shirt and hoodie from American Eagle a large and they were to tight in the arms, and a pair of jeans that I swore I grabbed the right size and screwed that one up all together. I feel horrible for it. So today when he gets up we have to face the crowd and go to the mall to return! Not happy about that one, but I want him to have his stuff. While he is doing that, I'll be going to New York & Company and do some clothes shopping! Not only do they have 70% off everything, but I also got a printable coupon for $25 off $75. You can get your printable here. You must use a Visa, and it doesn't expire until 02/28/10!!
I hope you all had as wonderful of a Christmas as we had here. I'll be posting the pictures of the girls that we took for them to make their dad's calendar.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great Christmas! I would of loved some of the gifts you received...but I had a good one too! So, are you new to blogging too? I see you have about the same amount of followers...I will be back to look around. Have a great day!