Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh no hubby is sick and I messed up.....

 So hubby has come down w/ what the kids had over Christmas and I'm so not happy. I have requested that he stay in the bedroom and away from ME! I don't want it!!! I've gotten lucky this far and I have every intention of staying lucky. So I got home from work took his temp and sure enough he's got a fever, so I get him Tylenol and a cold glass of water and back out of the room I go. I get the kids, make dinner (ok we had leftovers) and a few minutes later hubby is out of the room...OMG...get back in there fast fast fast! He wants something to eat so scoot hubby scoot and I will have you something whipped right up. Toast and jam it is, since that's what he wanted. Well even though our bedroom door is connected to the living room he doesn't want to yell for me every time he wants/needs anything and I understand completely. No little ringy bell in this house so I hand him his cell phone and say just call if ya need something. Ladies I'm telling you now that was a HUGE mistake! I want a ringy bell thingy that I might just could ignore and not the phone ringing every 5 min when he needs his head rubbed. NEVER again will I hand someone a cell  phone and say just call the house if you need me. NOPE! So if hubby ever gets sick get him a bell, preferably one w/ out the dingy thing inside it and tell him to ring if he needs you, but what ever you do don't hand them the phone and tell them to call!


  1. haha!!!! aren't men such big babies when they are sick!?

  2. OMG, I feel so sorry for you. Men are such babies honestly, I think before too long you will take that phone away from him and probably shove it where the sun don't shine, and that's if he's lucky Lol!!