Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Remember When...

 Remember those days when the only locks on the door were the little ones on the door handle. That was sufficient, you felt safe. Then they put those chains on there and that made you feel safe. Now a days we have dead bolts and not even those make me feel safe.
Remember when you didn't have to lock your car doors, you could leave money in your car and you didn't worry about it being stolen. When you did lock your car doors you unlocked them with a key. Or you had to roll your car window down manually. Then they made auto locks and windows and that was the coolest thing. Now you can start your car from inside your house. I can remember one of our cars having a button on the floor board that the driver could push with their foot to change the radio station and it wasn't a digital radio it had that little orange hand.
Remember when TV's didn't have remotes, only had 3 or 4 channels and you actually had to get up off your butt to change the station. The big floor model TV's! LOL Gosh I think I was close to 15 when we got a TV with a remote.
I asked my kids a few weeks ago if they knew what a cassette tape was and they looked at me like I was half crazy. Imagine if I had asked them about an 8 track or a record!
Remember rotary phones, and how you were restricted to sitting right there by the phone to talk to someone. Private conversations were hard to have unless you could whisper well and the other could hear well. I remember getting really long cords so that I could go in another room to talk to my friends. Then came the cordless phone and they were huge with those big antenna's!

Now can you guess my age??


  1. We've certainly come a LONG LONG way!!

  2. Your 25 (LOL)
    I remember those tv's. But there was a remote for my dad, us kids :)

  3. I remember making "radio shows" with my sister and taping them on our little casette recorder!

  4. Haha times have certainly changed!!